Saturday, January 18, 2014


Another team training session today. It was really REALLY difficult and pretty humbling as well.

1. 20 minutes to find a max for the complex: 3 tng squat cleans + 2 jerks. 
140# max. Was able to stand these up really easily, surprisingly. Tried 145, got it once, but couldn't tng it

2. 9-7-5: C&J/MU 
C&J was supposed to be 155, which is 5 above my max. Tried 140, got it twice, and then had to drop to 135. Ended up getting through the first rounds of 9s, and then 5 more c&j. After the muscle ups, my arms are wrecked and I could barely pull on th bar. I'm really happy/surprised I was able to even get 9 MU after my workout yesterday..and the first part of today's workout

3. 800m run, 10 hspu (-6"), 1000m row
Entered the rabbit hole on this one. Running sucked because a) it's running and b) It was like -800 degrees outside. the hspu were tough on 45# plates, but I was able to stick to my plan of sets of 5 until just about the end. The row was miz. Started off at a sub 2 pace, but that slowly increased as I went on. I know I stopped focusing on The row because I started getting butt hurt that everyone was congregating around the boys to cheer them on and I was getting zero I started to pick it up...then some of my girls came over to support me, THEN Steve got in my face , told me to close my eyes and just rip it, and continued to yell at me until I finished and fell off the rower. Finished in 12:02. Did not get off the floor until 15:00

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