Saturday, January 25, 2014


I almost don't even want to blog about today. Literally the most difficult workout mentally and physically that I have ever completed, and there was some confusion this morning in regards to the workouts because Paul wasn't there. 

Snatch tech work
worked the positions at 65#
1rm back squat
205. Failed like 80 times. Did not feel strong today...probably had to do with the below freezing weather at 7am.
2k row
50 bj (24)
30 PC 155 135#
20:18. Oh dear lord 135 felt heavy. I actually started second guessing the fact that I power cleaned 160 yesterday because it felt so bad. Obviously did singles. Yelled a lot. Cried too--combo of being frustrated and pushing myself so hard. I really am proud of myself from 1) starting and 2) finishing, but it is disheartening when I bust my ass and put so much into training, and then struggle at weights that are less than what is required to RX this workout slash be performing at a competitive level.
Rest 20 min
3 rounds
7 s2oh 165 135
7 MU
23:34. started with 140 pounds. Jerked it like twice and then no mas. Kunze tried to cheer me on which was helpful, but I had to drop weight. As I was taking the weight off, I got a text from the Silverback himself telling me to use 135. HE KNOWS EVERYTHING. After PRing yesterday on the C&J, I'm not surprised I couldn't go that heavy. Worked in sets of 3s and 2s. Tried to put the bar down as little as possible. Got all 21 muscle ups. Missed 2 or 3 attempts, but I really try to minimize wasted energy by only attempting when I know I can knock em out. Had to fight through a lot of them towards the end, but once I got up on those rings, there was no way in hell I was letting go until I locked out that dip. Was probably very funny to watch, definitely some mid air running..
Immediately into..
3 rounds
100 50m FW 80 75#/hand
15 bbjo 20’’
15 wb 16# 14#
So I accidentally did 50m FW, couldn't find 80# DBs or a 16# I made do. Honestly I was blown up after the 3 rounds of 7s, and mentally done. The farmers walks were stupid heavy (>1/2 BW per hand...which makes me reassess my body weight), and I had to drop every 25m. Burpee box jump overs were ok, glad they were 20 inches, because 24 felt irrationally high during the first part of the workout. I think during the second round I spent more time on the ground then jumping. WBs were actually the best part of this workout. Wanted to do them unbroken, but my body had other plans. Did not keep time on this one, but at the end I was on all fours panting, sweating, and crying. Was not actually aware I was crying until someone asked me if I was. So there's that.

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