Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I had planned to workout before work because the gym was closing before I'd get off, but SOMEONE slept through her alarm and just barely made it to work in the first place. BUUUUT when I stopped by the gym after, Joey was training, so I was able to get a little somethin' something' in..

A1. Strict Press 2-3 @ 85#
was able to get three on all my sets, I may have fudged a few and gone up on my toes a bit. I didn't notice, but Joey mentioned it.
A2. DB row x6 @ 30#
these were find, probably should have gone heavier
Toes through Ring
Ring Pullups
5:50. Wasn't too bad. Kind of sandbagged it because the kipping/swinging was pulling at my stiches which scared me. Also was weird pulling on the rings for a pullup instead of a muscle up.

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