Saturday, January 4, 2014


Today was very frustrating and in true Gabi Naumann fashion, I kicked off competition training by crying at the gym. So much for mental toughness. We had 7am competition/open/whatever you want to call it training this morning, but due to the butt stitches, I could do 0% of the workout. So that sucked not being able to do what everyone else was doing...but what sucked even more was that I couldn't get muscle ups in my workout today. I know rationally muscle ups weren't going to be great after doing weighted dips, weighted pull ups, oh and a bunch of muscle ups....but that didn't keep my irrational brain from getting upset.

1 min c2b
felt strong for the first round. then my arms blew up and i could only squeeze out a few singles
1 min ski erg
burns my arms out, but i like it..
1 min muscle up + 2 dips muscle up attempts/strict transitions
after the 4 or 5 rounds of attempts, i went to transitions. The dips was problematic on both of those. I was getting up there, just couldn't stick the dip.
1 min db snatch (40#)
a little tough because it was from the hang and I was limited by my stitches in terms of hip explosiveness..
1 min legless rope climb
actually really happy about this. by the end, i made it all the way up the rope one time without using my legs. It wasn't games legal because i used my inner thighs to hold the rope, but it's a start

Worked on some  (power) snatches from the hang on the boxes and worked up to 90 from 65 pretty easily which made me feel a little better, but I'm still feeling a little down. Coaching the classes afterwards helped me focus less on myself and more on everyone else which made me feel a little better, but I just need to get over it.

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