Wednesday, January 29, 2014


A. FS@20X1; 1,1,1,1; rest 2-3 min
155, 165, 175, 180**fail 175 felt easy, so I got amped to PR at 180. There was no way I was standing that bad boy up. Tried to bounce out of it. Quads were having none of it.

B. Emom 10 min – SJ x 1 (build per set)

85, 95, 105, 125, 135, 145, 150, 155**failx2. Turned to push jerks around 135. Didn't feel particularly "on" during this part. Kind of bummed I didn't get anywhere close to my max. Every day can't be a PR day though.

C. Death by thruster – min 1 x 1, min 2 x 2, etc.

65#. Made it through 12 right as the minute ran out. Didn't even try for 13. Kind of disappointed in myself, I should have gone for 13. I regret that.


(compare to last week, increase intensity per set)

10 min amrap @85%:
run 200m 5 cal AD
5 Tng HPC (95#)
30 DUs
--5 full rounds. One round more than last time, but also 10 pounds less on the HPC. Hard to compare because I ADed instead of ran (SNOWPOCALYPSE)..took about 40-45s. Also started transitioning to a speed rope which was a change...overall felt pretty good.

rest 3 min

10 min amrap @90%:
row 250m
6 box jumps (20”, cycle)
6 kipping HSPU
--4 rounds + 87m. Didn't get as many on this as I did last time, but I also kind of messed up the row last time. Really happy with my TTB. I've learned that I can string them together if I jump up to the bar as opposed to using a box. Guess it's the way I grip. STILLLLLLL need to work on pushing away from the bar though. Will help with my pullups too.

rest 3 min

10 min amrap @95%:
8 push press (75#)
6 DL (135#)
8 wall ball
6 burpees
5 rounds + 5 pp. Almost a full round faster on this one too, but the PP was 20 pounds lighter. THIS ONE HURT. Literally was on all fours after I got done, which seems to be a trend with these workouts. Paul explained it to me well; as I get better, I can push it harder, which in turn hurts more.  I fully understand the term "embrace the suck"

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