Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Got a really good workout in today. I managed to kick my own ass today!

5x5 weighted pull ups
20/20/15/15/15. Goal was to do them all pronated grip, unbroken. Goal was not achieved. First round I did 3 OH, 2 mixed. round 2: 2 OH, 3 mixed. round 3: 4+1 OH round 4: 3+2 OH. round 5: 4+1+1
RDL (125#)
toes to bar
12:41. Way harder than I anticipated...whoops. Did the first round of RDLs unbroken. Had to partition the other rounds. Toes to bar were the worst. I really need to work on my timing...I did feel a little awkward with the boot on these. HSPU were pretty good. I wasn't really planning on doing any of the rounds unbroken, but I was very consistent. Broke them up when I needed to, and didn't fail a single one. If I was competing, I may have been no repped a few bc my butt was on the glass, but that was intentional to keep das boot from slamming into it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Long story short, I was in some sick nasty pain last night, got an xray this morning, and got sentenced to the boot. Good news: not broken.Better news: still worked out.  I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about it all. Guess the CrossFit gods just want me do put in some more upper body work...

One of my gym sistas took me to the doctor this morning, and I waited around the gym until she was done working out to go home, so obviously I tried to get some strength work in to...Mostly it was just me sitting around feeling sorry for myself..and then I got over it

5 Rounds:
5 ring dips
10 body row
4x6 CGBP (85#)
MU transitions on cable machine

5x30 sec false grip hang from rings
20 min AMRAP
150 m ski erg
10 strict press (55#)
10 ring knees to elbows
6 rounds+ ski erg + press + 6 K2E

Yep, programmed that myself (with a little help from my friendsssssss). Will try to stay positive for tomorrow.

Monday, October 28, 2013


I really have no desire to write about today. I sprained my ankled during the last part of my workout and it's currently throbbing and making me cranky..

A. FS @32X1; 5,3,1,1,1; rest 2 min
105/125/135/155/165. Guess I'm ok with these. Didn't max out by any means, but wasn't supposed to. felt strong.
B. 6 sets - HPC + HC + FS; rest 2-3 min (building sets)
105, 125, 130, 135, 130, 130. made too high of a jump, peaked at 135, and then tanked
C1. Unbroken Wall Ball; 20,20,20; rest 30 sec (14#, 10 ft)
C2. Unbroken DU; 50,50,50; rest 3 min (5 burpee penalty for break)
broke the DU on the first round (rope got twisted), and both wall balls and DU on the last round. Was really happy with my wall balls though. felt strong and fluid
Emom 8 min
Odd – Wtd. chin up x 3 25/22.5/22/5
Even – Wtd. dip x 3 20/20/20
first round unbroken
3 sets for time:
500m row
10 Tng HPC (mod weight, unbroken) 95#
2 RC
rest 2 min
DNF; sprained ankle on the 2nd rope climb of the second set. 1st round was 3:42. Unsure of 2nd due to injury

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Woke up and saw muscle ups were programmed and got excited/scared because I haven't done them since that time I overdid it and hurt myself.  After consulting with my advisers (ha!), the decision was made to not do them. I made a few halfhearted attempts while warming up and got very butt hurt that I was not magically doing them....but then I got over it and started my workout

A. BS @42X1; 5,3,1,5,3,1; rest 2 min (tough last single)
125, 155, 185, 145, 175, 195. I started off too light on this. 195 was tough, but I think I may have been able to get 200/205
B. 20 TGU for time (1pd)
4:43. Misery.
10 min @ 80%:
50m FC (50# dumbell)
10 burpee box jump overs (20 in box)
3 MU chest 2 rings + 3 dips
3 rounds + 50m farmers carry + 1 BBJO. Subbed c2r and dips for the muscle ups. FC got heavy towards the end...was pretty fluid on the bbjo...and the dips were fine...a little tiring at the end.
(rest walk 5 min)
10 min @ 80%:
row 200m
4 CTB chin ups
4 rounds + 200 row + 4 HSPU + 1 C2B. My row felt pretty smooth. HSPU were great (huzzah) and the C2B were rough
(rest walk 5 min)
8 min @ 80%:
8 wall balls 14#, 10 ft target
run 200 m
3 rounds + 8 WB + 8 TTB + 100m. WB actually were not that bad. My first round of TTB, I did unbroken and were pretty fabulous. The following rounds, I never came off the bar...but I had to do the double swing thingy which isn't very efficient

THEN I worked on some clean and jerks, because they're in a competition I'm doing in December, and I haven't jerked in like 80 years. I got up to 135# easily. Jumped up to 145# which I caught in the squat both times, and just dumped it. Oops. Looks like I need to front squat more. wahhhh.

Friday, October 25, 2013


things I hate but need to work on:
AD 5 min @80%
Rest 5 min
Row 5 min @80%
Rest 5 min
Run 1200m @80%
x 2
I was pretty consistent throughout the rounds. REALLLLLLY tried to focus on my row. I really need to work on my running speed. Def not my strength

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Today I ended up doing some "Z1" swimming after work...and then ate a small mellow mushroom pizza with bacon and eggs on it. I am not sorry. It was glorious.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

102213 and 102313

102213 WOD:
A. PS – Build to a heavy in 12 min
115#. This was a PR for me. Tried 120#, caught it pretty solid in the squat, but looked down and dumped the bar trying to stand it up. wahhhh. I wan't more.
B. Emom 8 min – PS x 2 + OHS (@70% of A)
80# Felt really stable on these. I can tell I'm getting more comfortable in the OHS.
C. 8 sets - every 90 sec – Row 9 cal, 6 Tng DL (mod), 3 burpees over
Started at 165# for DL, dropped to 155# on rd 5. The first 2 or so rounds, I got some rest in, but they turned into continuous motion pretty fast.
amrap 15 min:
Run 800m
100 WB
50 chin ups
amrap DU’s in remaining time
Only made it to 36 chin ups doing sets of 3-5. Used 14# ball and 10' target. I feel like I probably sandbagged it a bit on the wall balls. They're very mental for me.

I think it's worth noting that I warmed up with a bunch of box jumps (30" box + 35 plate + 15 plate) and some snatch balances with the tsunami bar + 50#.
A. Snatch balance; 3,3,3; rest 90 sec (mod load, speed under bar)
B. 6 Sets – Snatch pull + Hang Snatch; rest 2-3 min
85, 90,90,95,95,95
C1. Ring push up; 10,10,10; rest 30 sec
C2. Wtd. dip @ 2112; 3-5 x 3; rest 30 sec
C3. BB step up @ 2111; 9-12/leg x 3; rest 2 min
65# x 9/leg for all. Started too high and did not go up/set

Monday, October 21, 2013


A. 3 sets - 100m OH BB carry; rest 2 min (mod load, no drops)
85#. This hurt my wrists a bit...felt ok the first set, had too wide of a grip the second one, last one felt the best
B. 3 sets - KB windmill x 8-10/arm; rest 90 sec (rest 15 sec b/t arms)
10x12 kg each round. Have never done these before...felt good. Probably could have used a heavier weight
C1. 4 sets - Front rack walking lunges x 20m; rest 15 sec
85, 90, 95, 100. First two rounds were good. Third round was tough. Last round was brutal
C2. Max effort strict pull up in 60 sec; rest 15 sec
12/9/9/8. Disappointed in these. Could have done better.
C3. Squat clean thruster x 6; rest 15 sec (tough, TnG preferred)
95#; two rounds were not TnG. Apparently was supposed to use to same weights as the lunge for the squat clean thrusters....whoops. Regardless, the 95# got heavy, fast. The third round was the best for me. Probably had to do with the fact that Steve was there yelling at me to drop and push.
C4. FLR on rings x 45 sec; rest 4 min
done and done
AMRAP in 12 min:
20 cal AD
3 wall walks
3 TGU/arm (12 kg)
20m Handstand walk
2 rounds. My handstand game was off today. I was having trouble getting the momentum to go forward.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Worked late last night. Early this morning. And after looking up this workout in the morning, I was looking for every excuse to not do this workout..But I did it. I was in a super foul mood when I finally got to the gym, and whined for like 20 minutes straight, but I got it done. And no, Jame's Fitzgerald, this was not an "aerobic dream"

Run 1 mile
AD 1 mile
Row 1600m
20:41. I sandbagged the run a little bit, not going to lie, I probably could have gone faster. I think I went somewhere between 9 and 9:30. The AD was way better than expected, and honestly the row wasn't terrible either. It was tiring, but I focused on staying steady the whole time with good technique.

Friday, October 18, 2013


A. HPC x 1/FS x 5 - work to a tough 5 in the FS in 10 min
135#. Had some help from Paul with proper form from the hang. 135 was a tough clean from the hang; my hips were feeling very slow. I felt like I could probably front squat a little more for a tough 5..
B. AMRAP unbroken wall balls (-5); rest 90 sec x 3
20/17/15. I don't really know how to judge AMRAP I kind of just did them until I felt tired-ish. I probably could have done more, a lot of it was mental. ooooops.
HPC tough
Wtd Dip tough
125# HPC 20# Dip. Started at 135#, but missed a few times. 125 was tough at the beginning until I really got my hips in to it. I think I took too long of a break between the first part of my workout and this. The dips were hard, but doable.
amrap in 10 min:
Row 1K
rest of time amrap DU's
185 DU. Rowing. Yay. I really tried to utilize the tips Josh gave me to be a more efficient rower. Did the DU in sets of 20...and then 10 when I got tired. ROUGH. It was fun though.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

101513 and 101613

fail on the blog post here's a two-fer

Tuesday's WOD
Airdyne 80 cals for time
rest 8 min
Airdyne 80 cals for time
rest 8 min
Airdyne 80 cals for time
6:40/6:41/6:40. Had some problems with setting my weight in the AD, but in the end got it worked out. These sucked. I am terrible at AD. Plus side: I was consistent..?

Wednesday (aka today)
2 min @ 80%:
25 m burpee broad jumps
10 wall climbs
1 rope ascent - 15'
15 DU's
3 rounds+25m BBJ
(rest walk 6 min)
10 min @ 80%:
row 250 m
10 push ups HR
5 rounds
(rest walk 6 min)
8 min @ 80%:
3 wall walks
3 TGU/arm - 16 kg
run 200 m
2 rounds, 3 WW, 4 TGU (3 right, 1 left)
 Sooooo apparently I was supposed to do double unders...missed that while I was sleepily writing down my workout...oops.Also used a 16 kg KB for TGU instead of 1 pood. The first AMRAP was almost fun...I "built" a wall out of pull up bars on the rig, about 8 feet up..and counted up and down as 1 rep. Burpee broad jumps were pretty meh, and for the rope climbs, I focused on using my feet and snaking up. My rowing still needs work, but I tried to think about all the cues Josh gave me last time. HRPU were good actually..weird. THE LAST ONE WAS BRUTAL. It's sad when wall walks were the best movement. I really do feel like I'm improving though. The TGU were pretty terrible, and the run was wobbly. I must have looked rough, because Ben came over and told me how proud he was of me "getting after it". He has only told me this once prior, and then he told me that he and Joey were laughing at me during my workout...sweet.

Monday, October 14, 2013


I am so wired. I am convinced that all of the coffee I consumed today (about 8 cups) is hitting

Had an OK WOD today...I kind of lost motivation during the second part...but I got through it

A. HPS - build to a tough triple in 10 min
3x95 (2x105). The notes said warm up hip extension realllllly good. So I did a bunch of vertical jumps...and box jumps (got 30"+2 10 pound plates)
B1. CGBP @ 20X1; 4-5 x 5; rest 20 sec
95x5...then 4 for the rest. My shoulder did NOT like this. Biceps Tend. Shocker.
B2. amrap strict dips @ 1010; rest 20 sec
8/6/6/5/6. Probably could have squeezed out a few more per round. meh
B3. db russian step up @ 1110; 12-15/leg x 5; rest 2 min
12 each round: 35# for the first two...25# the rest. I HATE these. super downer.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


A. PS - 3,3,3,3,3; rest 2 min
85# for all; TnG
B. emom - DL TnG x 4 - 10 min - waveload high/low
for reps:
5 min wall balls-65 (14#)
4 min T2B-46
3 min push ups HR-50
2 min BJSD - 20"-33

Friday, October 11, 2013

101113..back to SHE

Back on the SHE train and so happy to be back training. Shoulder is still giving me some trouble, but the arms are wayyyy less swollen and angry.

5 sets:
10 db walking lunges 25/30/40/50/50 per hand
rest 10 sec
amrap pull ups kipping 15/10/10/5/8
rest 10 sec
10 tough thrusters unbroken 75/80/85/90/90
rest walk 3 min b/t sets
I broke the last two rounds of thrusters (8&2, 5&5). And had to put the 50# DB down in the 4th set. Other than that, everything was ok. I was pleased with my pullups in the first round, but it kind of went downhill from there.
AMRAP in 12 min:
3 wall walks
R side suitcase DB carry - 50# - 25 m
3 wall walks
L side suitcase DB carry - 50# - 25 m
50 DU's
4 full rounds
The workout was supposed to be with 55# DB, but we don't have those, so I used 50#. The clock also malfunctioned, so I think I had a little less than 12 minutes. Powered through this though. Initially I wanted to do the double unders UB, but that did not happen at all

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Yesterday marks two weeks since I scaled back my upper body work, so today we "tested" my arms to see how they held up. Annnnnd (drumroll) no swelling! Get to go back to SHE tomorrow :)

Poweclean: Build to a heavy 2 TnG
130#. Got 135 for 1, but pulling it up for the single was awkward and couldn't get the hips right...womp.
Squat Clean Cluster: 3x 2-2-2  rest 15 sec between TnG. Add weight each round
115, 125, 130. These felt HEAVY.
10 min AMRAP @ 85 %
10 toes through rings
15 back extensions
10 push ups
5 rounds + 10 TTR + 15 back extensions. TTR were great until about the 4th round, and they became a little less fluid. Back extensions were fine. Push ups were a struggle. I liked this MAP AMRAP a lot though. Yay gymnastics

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


#TIP strikes again

21-15-9 (not for time)
GHD sit ups
back extensions


500m row
50 DU
400m row
40 DU
300m row
30 DU
200m row
20 DU
100m row
10 DU
10:30. Def started off too fast on the first 500 (140-150)...didn't do the 50 DU unbroken (more like 30/20) and then found a much slower pace (<2....2:15-2:30) for the rest of the rows. Got tripped up at 32 for the 40 DU, and then managed the rest unbroken (I think?). Bright side: the 100 m row felt like nothing and the 10 DU were cake. nothing like a long(ish) WOD for a little perspective.


Row skill work
Josh worked with me a little bit, trying to get more efficient with the pull-rest-recover-repeat cycle. Think it helped? need to practice more. REALLY appreciate him willing to work with me. Love my gym. Love my coaches. Everyone wants everyone to succeed.

30 min z1 airdyne.
airdyne sucks. airdyne sucks more when it's chilly and you're blowing wind on yourself.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Today I got to try out one of our new toys...the tsunami bar..which to the naked eye just looks like an axel (aka massive grip) but when you pick it up your realize A) it only weighs about 5 pounds and B) it moves and shakes with any motion you make.

With a tsunami bar loaded with 50#
5 jerks
5 snatch balance
10 FR walking lunges
Rest 5 min..5x..don't put down bar until done with whole complex
Holy tsunami bar. The jerks weren't that bad. The OHS squats were killer....and the first few snatch balances were more like, let's fall on my butt while holding the bar. I got better as the rounds went on though. I realllllly felt a difference between my first set of OHS and my last. This will be a great tool for me to use on my overhead work. Bodwise, I think I'm getting better. My hands swelled a little bit today...but my shoulder is what's bothering me the most. It's incredibly painful and difficult for me to move when I wake up, but as the day goes gets a lot better. Feels about 80% right now...hoping it will stay that way.

Have a million things to do tonight...will add food at a later time (maybe). Also need to start using beyond the whiteboard. blahhh so much to do.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I was really lacking motivation today, but I made it to the gym after work this morning and got my workout in. I feel like I probably didn't reach my full potential, but I am satisfied that at this moment in time, I gave it my best. I'm getting fed up with being injured. My forearms seem to be getting better, but I'm dealing with some shoulder stuff right now too. Just falling apart right now. It will get better though....I also hit myself in the face with a 20 pound wall ball. That was fun,

3 rounds @ 80%
25 wall balls, 20#, 10'
20 sit ups
15 HR push ups
9:29. don't think I got an entire round of wallballs UB. 20 pounds felt really heavy. Sit ups were find, and the push ups were OK too. My left tricep is super sore from yesterday, and my shoulders are fatigued, but the wallballs were really the worst.
death by burpees
16 rounds + 14 burpees. This got difficult circa round 14. I wasn't really pumped up coming into this workout, and I felt ike I probably could have done better had I been in a better frame of mind. This highlights the importance of mental toughness..

Friday, October 4, 2013


300 push ups. 300! THREE HUNDRED! and by the end of this delightful workout, I was on all fours....and dripping sweat. I'm really attractive, I promise. In other news, I think I have a labral tear. My shoulder has been KILLING me lately, it wakes me up at night, clunks, yada yada I'm dosing myself with aleve and doing some bandwork/rehab at the gym. My job comes in handy sometimes...

10 rounds:
10 push ups
10 sit ups
20 push ups
rest 30 seconds
My times were kind of all over the place: 1:15/1:45/2:13/1:50/1:34/1:50/1:45/1:50/2:10/1:40. None of these rounds were "easy" the first few were definitely easier. but dear lord push ups are hard.

I'm just so happy that even though I've encountered this road block, I have my people at the gym supporting me, encouraging me, and helping me focus on what I can improve on right now.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


10 walking lungest (95# front rack)
12 GHD sit ups
400m run
(5 min rest)
400 m run
12 GHD sit ups
10 walking lunges
(5 minutes rest)
10 walking lunges
12 GHD sit ups
400m run
The goal was to keep all the times the same. I got 2:44/3:29/3:07. The second round was definitely the worst. Doing the lunges were KILLER and I had to take them pretty slow. Overall, I'm feeling pretty achy and tired. My shoulder hurts and is clunky for reasons unknown since I'm not doing any upper body...and my legs feel tight from the influx of running. I think know this is good though. Even though I'm not doing upper body lifting, I feel like this will pay off when it is time for the open.

I promise I will update....and go back and update the back posts soon. things are crazy. wah.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Not quite sure how I feel about today's workout..

Back Squat:
This started out strong, but I ended up dropping the last rep on the second "4" and then dropped the first of the "3". It was like my body just decided it wasn't going to squat any more. It was a little disappointing because I know I can (and have) squatted heavier for more reps, but not today. I didn't beat myself up about it though, just moved I'm happy about that.
50 cal AD
50 NP burpee
50 box jumps
50 sit ups
50 double unders
This felt pretty good. I tried to keep a pretty good pace on the AD, I thought my NP burpees were pretty speedy, but Ben came up to me after and told me jumps were rough, but I just kept jumping up and stepping down. Sit ups were good. And I knocked out 50 double unders without stopping or getting tripped up. huzzah.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today was my "long day" I go from class (8:30 am, wooo!) to work to the gym. Tuesdays are the days that I have to dig a little deeper to find motivation...but not today; I was ready to train hard. Today's workout was 100% what I needed further emphasizing my #TIP mentality. It was pretty tough, and my legs felt kind of fatigued, but instead of grumbling and thinking about how much it sucked, I tried to turn it around and be thankful for the opportunity to improve on all of these things

10 Min AMRAP
10 back extensions
20 ab mat sit ups
200 m run
10 min AMRAP
20 double unders
:30 FLR
20 cal AD
First AMRAP: 4 rounds + 100m run; 4 rounds + 10 sit ups
Second AMRAP: 3 rounds + 1 cal; 3 rounds + 11 du
I definitely slowed down a bit between rounds, but nothing drastic (in my opinion). The back extensions and sit ups were cake. The run was not so lovely. My shins are feeling pretty tight, so I'll be sure to mobilize a bunch. My double unders were relatively unbroken. I missed a few as fatigue set it...but it was more stopping because I got tripped up instead of stopping because I was tired. the FLR was not a problem, and for the AD I tried to keep a pretty brisk pace.

1: fritatta
2: almonds and dried fruit
3: meat balls and sweet potato cubes
4: homemade lara bar balls
5: roasted potato medley; tuna+hard boiled egg+salsa; plantain chips
1480 cals, 115 carbs, 94 pro. this is no bueno. my stomach hurts though...I blame that