Monday, October 7, 2013


Today I got to try out one of our new toys...the tsunami bar..which to the naked eye just looks like an axel (aka massive grip) but when you pick it up your realize A) it only weighs about 5 pounds and B) it moves and shakes with any motion you make.

With a tsunami bar loaded with 50#
5 jerks
5 snatch balance
10 FR walking lunges
Rest 5 min..5x..don't put down bar until done with whole complex
Holy tsunami bar. The jerks weren't that bad. The OHS squats were killer....and the first few snatch balances were more like, let's fall on my butt while holding the bar. I got better as the rounds went on though. I realllllly felt a difference between my first set of OHS and my last. This will be a great tool for me to use on my overhead work. Bodwise, I think I'm getting better. My hands swelled a little bit today...but my shoulder is what's bothering me the most. It's incredibly painful and difficult for me to move when I wake up, but as the day goes gets a lot better. Feels about 80% right now...hoping it will stay that way.

Have a million things to do tonight...will add food at a later time (maybe). Also need to start using beyond the whiteboard. blahhh so much to do.

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