Wednesday, October 16, 2013

101513 and 101613

fail on the blog post here's a two-fer

Tuesday's WOD
Airdyne 80 cals for time
rest 8 min
Airdyne 80 cals for time
rest 8 min
Airdyne 80 cals for time
6:40/6:41/6:40. Had some problems with setting my weight in the AD, but in the end got it worked out. These sucked. I am terrible at AD. Plus side: I was consistent..?

Wednesday (aka today)
2 min @ 80%:
25 m burpee broad jumps
10 wall climbs
1 rope ascent - 15'
15 DU's
3 rounds+25m BBJ
(rest walk 6 min)
10 min @ 80%:
row 250 m
10 push ups HR
5 rounds
(rest walk 6 min)
8 min @ 80%:
3 wall walks
3 TGU/arm - 16 kg
run 200 m
2 rounds, 3 WW, 4 TGU (3 right, 1 left)
 Sooooo apparently I was supposed to do double unders...missed that while I was sleepily writing down my workout...oops.Also used a 16 kg KB for TGU instead of 1 pood. The first AMRAP was almost fun...I "built" a wall out of pull up bars on the rig, about 8 feet up..and counted up and down as 1 rep. Burpee broad jumps were pretty meh, and for the rope climbs, I focused on using my feet and snaking up. My rowing still needs work, but I tried to think about all the cues Josh gave me last time. HRPU were good actually..weird. THE LAST ONE WAS BRUTAL. It's sad when wall walks were the best movement. I really do feel like I'm improving though. The TGU were pretty terrible, and the run was wobbly. I must have looked rough, because Ben came over and told me how proud he was of me "getting after it". He has only told me this once prior, and then he told me that he and Joey were laughing at me during my workout...sweet.

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