Monday, October 28, 2013


I really have no desire to write about today. I sprained my ankled during the last part of my workout and it's currently throbbing and making me cranky..

A. FS @32X1; 5,3,1,1,1; rest 2 min
105/125/135/155/165. Guess I'm ok with these. Didn't max out by any means, but wasn't supposed to. felt strong.
B. 6 sets - HPC + HC + FS; rest 2-3 min (building sets)
105, 125, 130, 135, 130, 130. made too high of a jump, peaked at 135, and then tanked
C1. Unbroken Wall Ball; 20,20,20; rest 30 sec (14#, 10 ft)
C2. Unbroken DU; 50,50,50; rest 3 min (5 burpee penalty for break)
broke the DU on the first round (rope got twisted), and both wall balls and DU on the last round. Was really happy with my wall balls though. felt strong and fluid
Emom 8 min
Odd – Wtd. chin up x 3 25/22.5/22/5
Even – Wtd. dip x 3 20/20/20
first round unbroken
3 sets for time:
500m row
10 Tng HPC (mod weight, unbroken) 95#
2 RC
rest 2 min
DNF; sprained ankle on the 2nd rope climb of the second set. 1st round was 3:42. Unsure of 2nd due to injury

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