Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Not quite sure how I feel about today's workout..

Back Squat:
This started out strong, but I ended up dropping the last rep on the second "4" and then dropped the first of the "3". It was like my body just decided it wasn't going to squat any more. It was a little disappointing because I know I can (and have) squatted heavier for more reps, but not today. I didn't beat myself up about it though, just moved I'm happy about that.
50 cal AD
50 NP burpee
50 box jumps
50 sit ups
50 double unders
This felt pretty good. I tried to keep a pretty good pace on the AD, I thought my NP burpees were pretty speedy, but Ben came up to me after and told me jumps were rough, but I just kept jumping up and stepping down. Sit ups were good. And I knocked out 50 double unders without stopping or getting tripped up. huzzah.

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