Monday, October 14, 2013


I am so wired. I am convinced that all of the coffee I consumed today (about 8 cups) is hitting

Had an OK WOD today...I kind of lost motivation during the second part...but I got through it

A. HPS - build to a tough triple in 10 min
3x95 (2x105). The notes said warm up hip extension realllllly good. So I did a bunch of vertical jumps...and box jumps (got 30"+2 10 pound plates)
B1. CGBP @ 20X1; 4-5 x 5; rest 20 sec
95x5...then 4 for the rest. My shoulder did NOT like this. Biceps Tend. Shocker.
B2. amrap strict dips @ 1010; rest 20 sec
8/6/6/5/6. Probably could have squeezed out a few more per round. meh
B3. db russian step up @ 1110; 12-15/leg x 5; rest 2 min
12 each round: 35# for the first two...25# the rest. I HATE these. super downer.

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