Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Yesterday marks two weeks since I scaled back my upper body work, so today we "tested" my arms to see how they held up. Annnnnd (drumroll) no swelling! Get to go back to SHE tomorrow :)

Poweclean: Build to a heavy 2 TnG
130#. Got 135 for 1, but pulling it up for the single was awkward and couldn't get the hips right...womp.
Squat Clean Cluster: 3x 2-2-2  rest 15 sec between TnG. Add weight each round
115, 125, 130. These felt HEAVY.
10 min AMRAP @ 85 %
10 toes through rings
15 back extensions
10 push ups
5 rounds + 10 TTR + 15 back extensions. TTR were great until about the 4th round, and they became a little less fluid. Back extensions were fine. Push ups were a struggle. I liked this MAP AMRAP a lot though. Yay gymnastics

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