Friday, October 11, 2013

101113..back to SHE

Back on the SHE train and so happy to be back training. Shoulder is still giving me some trouble, but the arms are wayyyy less swollen and angry.

5 sets:
10 db walking lunges 25/30/40/50/50 per hand
rest 10 sec
amrap pull ups kipping 15/10/10/5/8
rest 10 sec
10 tough thrusters unbroken 75/80/85/90/90
rest walk 3 min b/t sets
I broke the last two rounds of thrusters (8&2, 5&5). And had to put the 50# DB down in the 4th set. Other than that, everything was ok. I was pleased with my pullups in the first round, but it kind of went downhill from there.
AMRAP in 12 min:
3 wall walks
R side suitcase DB carry - 50# - 25 m
3 wall walks
L side suitcase DB carry - 50# - 25 m
50 DU's
4 full rounds
The workout was supposed to be with 55# DB, but we don't have those, so I used 50#. The clock also malfunctioned, so I think I had a little less than 12 minutes. Powered through this though. Initially I wanted to do the double unders UB, but that did not happen at all

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