Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Got a really good workout in today. I managed to kick my own ass today!

5x5 weighted pull ups
20/20/15/15/15. Goal was to do them all pronated grip, unbroken. Goal was not achieved. First round I did 3 OH, 2 mixed. round 2: 2 OH, 3 mixed. round 3: 4+1 OH round 4: 3+2 OH. round 5: 4+1+1
RDL (125#)
toes to bar
12:41. Way harder than I anticipated...whoops. Did the first round of RDLs unbroken. Had to partition the other rounds. Toes to bar were the worst. I really need to work on my timing...I did feel a little awkward with the boot on these. HSPU were pretty good. I wasn't really planning on doing any of the rounds unbroken, but I was very consistent. Broke them up when I needed to, and didn't fail a single one. If I was competing, I may have been no repped a few bc my butt was on the glass, but that was intentional to keep das boot from slamming into it.

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