Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Shitty shit attitude going into this workout...Really since yesterday afternoon (confession: binge ate chocolate chips last night), but actually had a pretty great workout.

A. BS @20X1; 2,1,1; rest 2-3 min (2@75%,1@80%,1@85%)
2x 160, 1x170, 1x190 **supposed to be 180, but I am dumb and didn't pay attention to the plates. At the bottom, I thought to myself "shit, 180 should not feel this heavy". Surprise, not actually 180. My ankle isn't really bothering me, but I can tell I'm favoring it when I stand up my squats. Weird.
B. 5 sets - every 75 sec - MU x 3-5
3 UB 3UB 3UB 2+1 2+1. Muscle ups felt super strong today. Was able to get 3 UB a few times. When I missed, it was because I didn't stay tight and my legs got up too high. Really strong pull though, quick getting my head through the rings. I keep strict dipping though which seems like a waste of energy.
3 min amrap @open pace:
7 S2OH (75/115#)
7 chin up
20 DU
3 rds + 7 S2OH + 7 chin ups. First 3 rounds, push pressed the weight. Last 7 snatches I jerked. Butterflyed my pullups and they felt great. First round they were practically C2B, which was unnecessary. Need to dial that back. Feeling a little more confident with my pullups which is a good feeling going into the open
rest 5 min

3 min amrap @open pace:
3 PS (95/65#)
7s+9 snatches + 4 TTB. TTB slowed me down a bunch. Worked on them after the workout and they were bangin. They're kind of hit or miss for me.
rest as needed

1 set @100%:
AB 3 min for cals
18 cals

1 min AD @ 70%
1 min walk
Used the assault bikes, and just did a slow spin instead of walked. Not a lot to say about this one. Forgot to look at my cals too. whoops.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Cardio-y workout today.  Body feels pretty shitty not going to lie. Lots and lots of mobilizing in my future.

AB 30 sec @90%rest
walk 30 sec x 16

AD 10 min
Jog 10 min
Row 5 min

Monday, February 24, 2014


Wasn't really feeling training today. Still really sore/fatigued from Saturday's session.

A. BS @20X1; 2,2,1,1; rest 2-3 min (2@75-80%, 1@85%)
160, 167, 177, 180. Way easier than anticipated (aka was dreading this). Super sore legs + not squatting in a while made me hesitant...but for no reason. Very smooth, good tempo
B. Emom 5 min - HPC x 2 (70-80%)
115. Easy. Focused on not jumping out so far
4 min amrap @open pace:
10 burpees
30 DU
3 rounds + 3 Burpees. Max effort. Really can;t remember much...blacked out.

rest 5 min

4 min amrap @open pace:
5 PS (65#)
7 box jump (20 in)
9 wall ball (14)
3+5 snatches. Looking back, I could have pushed through it and done all the snatches UB, but towards the end I dropped just to save myself the eccentric loading. Did all the WB UB except for one round. BJ were jump up, step down. Worked for me. One round in and I wanted to die.

rest as needed

2 sets @100%:
Row 400m
10 PC (95/65)
10 burpees AFAP
rest walk 12 min
2:12/2:15. The row got to the point where I was pushing so hard but not moving anywhere. Tried to breathe on the cleans so I could just bust it out on the burpees. Now I am dead and still Fran coughing.


AD 35 min @Z1 120 cal

Saturday, February 22, 2014


oh hey, this was a lot of cardio.

20 min max complex:
1 power snatch
1 snatch
115. Struggled with 115 for a good 6 minutes. Had no problem PS or OHS (at the beginning...things got a little shaky as I attempted more..), but kept either A) dropping the weight after the OHS or B) getting knocked on my ass when I tried to catch it in my hips. I got butthurt...walked around the gym for like 3 minutes, attempted 115 again, boom. Complex accomplished. PS 120 pretty easily, OHS were ok, but got knocked over trying to catch it per usual. Love it. Also, OHS PR. booyah

30 KBS 1.5 POOD
10 CLEAN AND JERKS 155 145
10 MU
500M ROW
50 DU
32:01. This was pretty brutal, but not as bad as I expected surprisingly. Let's break it down... KBS were great-30 UB. Felt good...well as good as 30 heavyish KB swings can feel. 1k row was pretty slow, kept it under 3:15 the whole time. Disappointed that I dropped weight on the C&J. Picked up 155 the first time and couldn't even pull it (whjch is just silly because I got it before the workout..). Dropped to 145 which was fine. Had to do singles but PCed everyone pretty easily and power jerked because I'm a weirdo. I think that maybe if I attempted 155 again I would have gotten it. Not sure about the jerk though, that felt pretty shitty on my back at the end even though I was wearing a belt. And then the assault bike. Shit. 50 cals took a long time. No matter how hard I pushed, I was only going like 50 RPM. Double shit. Was really unpleasant at the beginning, but actually felt kind of refreshed towards the end. Eased off the arms towards the end so I could be fresh(ish) more MU. Paul said to do singles, but in my mind I wanted to do doubles. I treated every attempt with the intention of doing doubles, but everytime I got up on the rings (which was every time--no failure!), I decided singles would suffice. I had to fight to lock out the last one, but I got that bitch. Then the 500m...that was slow. Like over 2:30 slow. Actually I don't really felt like a freaking hour though. DU were good. Plan was 25 and 25. Then I flew through 30 UB....Then I fucked up after 3. Then I finished. Finally feel like I'm getting used to my new speed rope. The last 25 cals were lethal. I got a cramp in my side for the first time since like middle school which sucked...but stretching it out wasn't helping, so I just pushed through. Final thoughts: really just want to set those assault bikes on fire. I thought the regular AD were bad (which I haven't used since we moved to the new gym), but apparently the ratio is like 1 cal on the assault bike for every 3 on the old AD. 

I'm already stupid sore in my quads, abs, biceps and low back. Anticipate my shoulders screaming at me when I wake up tomorrow.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Today wasn't supposed to be a double...but funny story. This morning I was talking to Paul about yesterday's workout, and when I told him my rounds his face kind of went flat. I told him that the eccentric lowering of the snatch really tore me up, and I had to use a 50 pound weight bc there weren't any 55# dumbells. WELL turns out my brain interpreted the snatch as dumbell snatches and NOT the 11.1 (or whatever) open workout that it was supposed to be. Paul just laughed and called me a dumbass. And then I did the workout.

10 min AMRAP Open Pace
15 snatch 55lb
30 Dble Under
6 rds+4 snatch

A. OHS 3x3 90 sec rest
95, 105, 115* 2 reps at 115, could have gotten the 3, just got a little off balance on the way up

:30/:30 AD
X 30
118 cal. Wiped out.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


10 min AMRAP Open Pace
15 snatch 55lb 50#
30 Dble Under
3 rds + 12 rds
Snatches were tough today. Didn't have 55# DBs, so had to use 50#. Flew through the DU but really got caught up on the snatches.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Out of this world exhausted today. Last night I ate dinner, passed out for like 2 hours, woke up, brushed my teeth, went back to bed and slept til my alarm went off this morning for class. Still exhausted. Not sure if I feel run down persay...just tired..I'm definitely trying to eat enough though, and I think I'm doing a good job. I mean I ate some gatorade chews for carbs DURING my workout today...but that was because of poor planning and I felt like I needed some fuel. The struggle..

Row 1k @70% Aer
rest walk 90 sec
x 7
1) 4:21.1
2) 4:20.9
3) 4:23.3
4) 4:25.5
5) 4:30.9
6) 4:35.0
7) 4:30.5
Definitely petered off around round 3 or 4. I could tell that I started off WAY too fast. My first 500 pace was around 2 min. The 6th 1k, I could tell that I lost focus and didn't push as hard with my legs. Blegh, REALLY need to learn how to pace. Bright side: I'm really improving on my rows from week to week. Progress is always good. Still hate rowing, but getting better at it.

last week: 4:32.7/4:31.4/4:29.6/4:31.6/4:36.5/4:35.5
two weeks ago:  4:41/4:46/4:50/4:49/ 4:51/ 4:39

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Two pretty tough workouts today..

AM. (7am)
10min Amrap Open Pace
60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 OHS 75
10 Muscle ups
3 MU. Went too slow on the burpees. OHS were slow, but that's just  because they are not a strength. Did one set of 10, the rest sets of 5s. Failed my first two attempts at MU, got the last 3.

PM. (130 pm)
8 min amrap @80%
AD 5 Cal
10 ghd sit ups
10 back extensions
20 double unders
3 rds + 5 cal + 10GHD. AD is always a struggle. Breezed through GHDs and back extensions..DU were smooth and UB (As they should be)
Rest 3 min
8 min amrap @90%
row 300m
7 chin ups
10 wall balls
3rds+160m. Worked on my butterflying...getting there.
Rest 3 min
8 min amrap @100%
Ski erg 250 meters
5 toes to bar
7 ring dips
2rds+250m+4t2b. And then my shoulders exploded and my triceps died. Ski erg=DEATH. TTB were ok, not very smooth. Had the double kip going on every few. Ring dips had do be done in doubles or singles. Killer gym boner after this. My arms looked JACKED

Monday, February 17, 2014


Woke up this morning expecting a double...but turns out my programming changed a bit and I just had some AD work today. Good thing I only had this today because work went SUPER SUPER late and there's no way I would have been able to get the second part in. Just kidding, I probably would have, but it was way nicer to go home and squeeze in a quick lunch/rest period. I have a doozy of a double tomorrow that I'll have to squeeze in before/in the middle of of my work-class-work sandwich, but it'll get done.

Z1 5 min Warm Up
:30 85%:
30 50%
x 34

5.7m 145 cal

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Another team training day in the books.

12 min – Build to a Tng PC x 3 (max load)
155#. In my head, I didn't think I'd get over 135/140. SURPRISE. 155 SNITCHES. That is 5 itty bitty pounds under my PR. I smell a new one in my future. AND fun fact: I didn't jump my feet out until the last rep of 155.

Round 1:
1 RC
8 DL (185)
100m run

Round 2:
2 RC
10 DL
100m run

Round 3:
3 RC
12 DL
100m run
6:55. Once again, underestimated myself. We put a 12 minute time cap on this workout, and I Was very scared I wouldn't make it. I did the first round of DL 4 and 4, and honestly I probably should have stayed with that type of rep scheme, but instead I did singles for the last two rounds. That was dumb, lost a lot of time. RC and HSPU felt great though.

Rest 10 min

for time:
Row 500m
1:48:6. Fastest I've ever rowed. Started off really fast, and thought "wow, I'm going to loose this pace", and I did...but not by much, and not until the very very end.

Rest 10 min

5:22. True story: first time I ever did Fran. Kind of was a weenie with this...partioned my thrusters, took too many breaks. Whatever, next time I'll know to push myself more. Bright side: I became a loooot more efficient with butterflying (I did the last 9 UB!! yay!). Really focused on keeping my body tight and hollow instead of flailing about and backwards pedaling. hooray progress

Friday, February 14, 2014

021414 that Spanish?

5k row. Easy.

20 min easy AD
15 min easy row
10 min easy run
5 min FLR

Done and done. Preparing me for a shitstorm of a training session tomorrow.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Braved the winter weather and went to the gym today. Was too scared of the icy roads yesterday!

20 Minutes:
2000m row
400 DU
AMRAP MU in remaining time
6 Muscleups. Finished the row in under 9 minutes (yay), then took longer than I should on the DU...still getting used the new rope + tired after the row. Once I realized that I just need to jump faster, DU got a lot better. Did sets of 25 which worked really well for me. Don't really remember how much time I had left for MU, but I got 6 singles in with prob 10-15s in between. Tried to string together 2 at the end but didn't make it. Afterwards however I strung together sets of two pretty well. hooray improvement!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Slowly starting to feel better. Still congested and dealing with all that gross drainage, but other than that and feeling a little "heady"...getting better

Row 1k @70% Aer
rest walk 90 sec
x 6

Looking back at Thursday, when I did the same thing, I made some major improvement. The fastest I went on Thursday was 4:39. The SLOWEST I went today was 4:36. Not great, but progress. Held my pace relatively steady until the 5th 1k and then I slowed up a good bit. Talking about it with Paul, he said I should try to hold keep the same pace I did on the first one..will work on that. Overall, I think I did a better job keeping a steady pace the entire time. Really tried to focus on pushing hard with my legs and finding a good rhythm. Rowing broke up a bunch of the gunk in my chest, and I am disgusted to say I accidentally hacked a loogie on myself when I was coughing, but did not notice until AFTER I finished my row. I am appalled at how disgusting I am.

AD 30 sec @90%
Rest walk 30 sec
x 16
This was brutal and I hated every minute of it. Kept RPM between 65 and 70.

Monday, February 10, 2014


This cold is kicking my ass. I'm ready for it to leave my body.
Z1 5 min Warm Up
:30 85%
:30 50%
x 32
5.7 miles; 143 cal. Died until about 20 minutes. Then felt ok. Looked like death afterwards..Ben thought I was crying.

A. Snatch; 3,2,1,1,1; rest 2 min
blame the cold meds, but I did not follow this rep scheme. 85x3, 105x3, 115x2, 120x1**missed twice before i got it. Needless to say, didn't feel great about this today.
8 min amrap @open pace:
45 thruster (65#)
Amrap CTB chin up in remaining time
50 c2b. Was kind of dreading this, because it was written as 95# thrusters in my googledoc.  THANKFULLY That was a mistake. This actually wasn't terrible, except for the few times that I had to stop to cough up a lung. Did the first 20ish thrusters unbroken. Then in my head was shooing for tens...which turned into 5s..C2Bs didn't feel terrible today, but very early on Paul told me to drop at the top and do obviously I did. Felt good. I feel like my limiting factor today was my cardio/cold situtation

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Cold is in full force today, and I must admit, it was really difficult for me to drag myself out of bed for 7am comp training. But I did it.  The majority of the group ended up doing another workout, so I guess it didn't really matter when I did it, but whatever. Glad Helfer was there to push through it for me...Doing anything alone is no fun.
10 minutes to find a 1RM complex - Clean from the floor + Clean from the hang + Jerk
140. Got this in the first 5 minutes. Battled with 145 for the rest of the time. PC from the floor every time, but couldn't get it from the hang. Really difficult for me to a) regrip after catching it in the hip and b) generating the force to pull from the hang. Normally I'm pretty strong from the hang, so I'm chalking it up to being sick. Seriously, I did not realize how much this cold would affect my lifting. Hilarious moment: trying to catch the 145 back in the hang and it knocking me straight on my ass. Pretty sure it has to do with the bar weighing more than counter blahl blah 

Rest 5 min,this was probably closer to 10-15

18 min amrap:
200 DU
150 wall ball
50 burpees
Amrap MU in remaining time

4MU. Double unders were blazing, which in retrospect probably drained my motor (still blame the cold), wall balls were the bane of my existence. Did sets of 10 until 40, then sets of 5. Burpees sucked more than usual today, but I was hellbent on getting the the MU. They didn't great today, but I didn't miss any...

Friday, February 7, 2014


My cold has gotten 100% worse and I completely underestimated how much that would effect my workout. In other news, I finally got over being scared to test my body comp (aka Paul told me to do it), and got some pleasantly surprising results. I was pretty positive I gained like 5 pounds because 1) froyo and b)when we did body comp in class, the dumb scale told me I was 28% BF.  Rude. Downside: gained like 2 pounds. Upside: only .1 pounds was fat. Now I have officially overweight by my BMI

The stats:
Total Weight: 141.8# (140)
Fat: 29.4# (29.3)
LBM: 112.4# (110.7)
%BF: 20.8 (20.9)
BMI: 25.1 (24.8)
BMR: 1471 (1455)

Put on muscle everywhere but my right leg; the majority was in my arms...which explains why I incredible hulked out of a sweater this week.

A. Hang power clean 5x5; rest 90 seconds (work on PERFECT footwork)
85, 95, 100, 100, 100. Purposely stayed light, feet didn't jump out at all.
B. Snatch balance 3x3; rest 2 min
85This might as well have been 185. Felt really heavy today and had trouble dropping under the bar.
C. Front squat 3x3; rest 90 seconds (80% effort)
140. Found myself winded after the 3s. Silly cold. Legs felt ok though.
Airdyne sprints 10 seconds @97%
Slow spin recover 1:50x5
Rest 5 min

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Woke up with a head cold today. Feel slimy and gross.

Row 1K @ 70&
rest walk 90s
Was NOT looking forward to this, but I cranked up Glitch Mob and went to town. Went considerably faster the last round. I think that's because Wes started rowing next to me and I fell into a rhythm with him. This just shows me that I am capable of rowing better, I just need to focus. Who knew you had to use your brain so much in crossfit. THEN I did a strict muscle up because I wanted to feel elite and shit. Then I tore my wrist. Crossfit probs.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Once again, my workout made me feel like a little bitch. Mental training?

A. CGBP – build to a tough single in 5 sets

140#. Didn't anticipate getting this heavy, so that was cool. Struggled pretty hard, this heavy single was prob a 1rm.
B. Ring DIps 1 every 30 sec 10 min

DONE. Felt great.
8 min amrap @open pace:
50 CTB singles
50 WallBall unbroken
50TTB singles
set to where you can reach the bar with out jumping
and do it.

50, 50, 28. I think I could have gone quicker if I didn't have to use a box. Wasted a lot of energy lowering myself. Wanted to just drop from the 15-20 min
8 min amrap @open pace:
6 DB Snatch 50# alt
6 Pull-Ups
9 burpees

4 rounds + 1 snatch. Was supposed to be 3 snatches at 70...but that wasn't happening. Attempted 60 but couldn't get it with my left hand, 50 was doable. Had to do 6 to get the proper dose response. The first two rounds were ok, then the snatches got spicy.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This workout made me feel like such a little bitch today. Everything felt heavier than it should, and per usual I underestimated the workout. Honestly, I think I would have rather done yesterday's wod again than the 5-7-9 AMRAP. This was def good for me mentally though, the 50# were so freaking heavy, and  I'm pretty sure I missed the 115# snatch more than I made it, but I did not cry, did not quit, just continued to push through it.

A. SN Complex- build to a heavy single in 5 attempts
2 HPS, 1 HS, 2 SN

90#. Started at 65, attempted 95, but dropped it before the 2 snatches. The components of this complex weren't difficult, but holding on to the bar (and dropping it on my quads) was. Surprised I made 90.
5 Min AMrap
rear foot elevated squat 3 left leg 50lb in ea hand
rear foot elevated squat 3 right leg 50lb in ea hand
5 PS 115#

Less than 1 round (3+3+3) Fell on my butt twice trying to snatch the bar. Missed a couple more times too. Didn't get angry, just shook out my arms and tried again.
5min rest
7min amrap
rear foot elevated squat 5 left leg 50lb in ea hand
rear foot elevated squat 5 right leg 50lb in ea hand
7 PS 95#

2 rounds+5+5+4. Much better with the 95# snatch, but still not easy. RFES actually were a bit smoother. Still a struggle.
7 min rest
9 min amrap
rear foot elevated squat 7 left leg 50lb in ea hand
rear foot elevated squat 7 right leg 50lb in ea hand
9 PS 75#

2 rounds + 7. My first 7 were unbroken. And then I died. Goal was to do the snatches TnG, but that didn't happen. did sets of about 3.  Then I really died.
RFESS set up is key take three steps heel to toe counting the
first step as one. Put your toe on the edge of the bench. Grab
your 50lb DB and squat until knee touches the ground.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Way more sore than I anticipated from the L1 cert this weekend, good thing I got to get moving to get all the gunk out bright and early this morning because this month sparks the start of two-a-days. yay.

Z1 5 min Warm Up
Air Dyne
:30 85%
:30 50%
x 30
5.3m 133cal. Didn't necessarily think this would be easy because I am terrible at all things cardio..specifically the airdyne...but this wiped me out to be honest. It started tough and got better as time went on, but I was drained afterwards at work. Dear aerobic capacity, improve please.

A. 1 SQclean 2 hang SQ clean 1 S2OH
135#. Started way too light at 75#. Made really big jumps. What was I thinking.
B.1 20 HR Push-Ups 10 sec rest
B2. 70LB FW 30M rest 90 sec x 5
all pushups were unbroken, 70# didn't feel light by any means, but I could have tolerated heavier.
20 min amrap:
200 DUs
150 wall balls
50 TTB
Amrap RING Dips in remaining time
30 ring rips, 1 MU attempt. DU were surprisingly smooth. Wall balls sucked as only wallballs can. Tried for sets of 10...that petered off quickly. TTB were shitty in terms of stringing them together, but I completed 50 quickly. I got 30 ring dips and 1 MU attempt. Paul said that after I got 30 ring dips, to go to muscle ups. I had like 10 seconds left for MU, obviously did not prepare for this so did not have rings ready. Didn't get a great grip (no false grip), and needless to say did not make it. Overall, happy with my ring dips. Did one set of 4, then twos and threes....then ones...solid though.