Thursday, February 13, 2014


Braved the winter weather and went to the gym today. Was too scared of the icy roads yesterday!

20 Minutes:
2000m row
400 DU
AMRAP MU in remaining time
6 Muscleups. Finished the row in under 9 minutes (yay), then took longer than I should on the DU...still getting used the new rope + tired after the row. Once I realized that I just need to jump faster, DU got a lot better. Did sets of 25 which worked really well for me. Don't really remember how much time I had left for MU, but I got 6 singles in with prob 10-15s in between. Tried to string together 2 at the end but didn't make it. Afterwards however I strung together sets of two pretty well. hooray improvement!

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