Saturday, February 8, 2014


Cold is in full force today, and I must admit, it was really difficult for me to drag myself out of bed for 7am comp training. But I did it.  The majority of the group ended up doing another workout, so I guess it didn't really matter when I did it, but whatever. Glad Helfer was there to push through it for me...Doing anything alone is no fun.
10 minutes to find a 1RM complex - Clean from the floor + Clean from the hang + Jerk
140. Got this in the first 5 minutes. Battled with 145 for the rest of the time. PC from the floor every time, but couldn't get it from the hang. Really difficult for me to a) regrip after catching it in the hip and b) generating the force to pull from the hang. Normally I'm pretty strong from the hang, so I'm chalking it up to being sick. Seriously, I did not realize how much this cold would affect my lifting. Hilarious moment: trying to catch the 145 back in the hang and it knocking me straight on my ass. Pretty sure it has to do with the bar weighing more than counter blahl blah 

Rest 5 min,this was probably closer to 10-15

18 min amrap:
200 DU
150 wall ball
50 burpees
Amrap MU in remaining time

4MU. Double unders were blazing, which in retrospect probably drained my motor (still blame the cold), wall balls were the bane of my existence. Did sets of 10 until 40, then sets of 5. Burpees sucked more than usual today, but I was hellbent on getting the the MU. They didn't great today, but I didn't miss any...

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