Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Out of this world exhausted today. Last night I ate dinner, passed out for like 2 hours, woke up, brushed my teeth, went back to bed and slept til my alarm went off this morning for class. Still exhausted. Not sure if I feel run down persay...just tired..I'm definitely trying to eat enough though, and I think I'm doing a good job. I mean I ate some gatorade chews for carbs DURING my workout today...but that was because of poor planning and I felt like I needed some fuel. The struggle..

Row 1k @70% Aer
rest walk 90 sec
x 7
1) 4:21.1
2) 4:20.9
3) 4:23.3
4) 4:25.5
5) 4:30.9
6) 4:35.0
7) 4:30.5
Definitely petered off around round 3 or 4. I could tell that I started off WAY too fast. My first 500 pace was around 2 min. The 6th 1k, I could tell that I lost focus and didn't push as hard with my legs. Blegh, REALLY need to learn how to pace. Bright side: I'm really improving on my rows from week to week. Progress is always good. Still hate rowing, but getting better at it.

last week: 4:32.7/4:31.4/4:29.6/4:31.6/4:36.5/4:35.5
two weeks ago:  4:41/4:46/4:50/4:49/ 4:51/ 4:39

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