Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Once again, my workout made me feel like a little bitch. Mental training?

A. CGBP – build to a tough single in 5 sets

140#. Didn't anticipate getting this heavy, so that was cool. Struggled pretty hard, this heavy single was prob a 1rm.
B. Ring DIps 1 every 30 sec 10 min

DONE. Felt great.
8 min amrap @open pace:
50 CTB singles
50 WallBall unbroken
50TTB singles
set to where you can reach the bar with out jumping
and do it.

50, 50, 28. I think I could have gone quicker if I didn't have to use a box. Wasted a lot of energy lowering myself. Wanted to just drop from the 15-20 min
8 min amrap @open pace:
6 DB Snatch 50# alt
6 Pull-Ups
9 burpees

4 rounds + 1 snatch. Was supposed to be 3 snatches at 70...but that wasn't happening. Attempted 60 but couldn't get it with my left hand, 50 was doable. Had to do 6 to get the proper dose response. The first two rounds were ok, then the snatches got spicy.

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