Saturday, February 22, 2014


oh hey, this was a lot of cardio.

20 min max complex:
1 power snatch
1 snatch
115. Struggled with 115 for a good 6 minutes. Had no problem PS or OHS (at the beginning...things got a little shaky as I attempted more..), but kept either A) dropping the weight after the OHS or B) getting knocked on my ass when I tried to catch it in my hips. I got butthurt...walked around the gym for like 3 minutes, attempted 115 again, boom. Complex accomplished. PS 120 pretty easily, OHS were ok, but got knocked over trying to catch it per usual. Love it. Also, OHS PR. booyah

30 KBS 1.5 POOD
10 CLEAN AND JERKS 155 145
10 MU
500M ROW
50 DU
32:01. This was pretty brutal, but not as bad as I expected surprisingly. Let's break it down... KBS were great-30 UB. Felt good...well as good as 30 heavyish KB swings can feel. 1k row was pretty slow, kept it under 3:15 the whole time. Disappointed that I dropped weight on the C&J. Picked up 155 the first time and couldn't even pull it (whjch is just silly because I got it before the workout..). Dropped to 145 which was fine. Had to do singles but PCed everyone pretty easily and power jerked because I'm a weirdo. I think that maybe if I attempted 155 again I would have gotten it. Not sure about the jerk though, that felt pretty shitty on my back at the end even though I was wearing a belt. And then the assault bike. Shit. 50 cals took a long time. No matter how hard I pushed, I was only going like 50 RPM. Double shit. Was really unpleasant at the beginning, but actually felt kind of refreshed towards the end. Eased off the arms towards the end so I could be fresh(ish) more MU. Paul said to do singles, but in my mind I wanted to do doubles. I treated every attempt with the intention of doing doubles, but everytime I got up on the rings (which was every time--no failure!), I decided singles would suffice. I had to fight to lock out the last one, but I got that bitch. Then the 500m...that was slow. Like over 2:30 slow. Actually I don't really felt like a freaking hour though. DU were good. Plan was 25 and 25. Then I flew through 30 UB....Then I fucked up after 3. Then I finished. Finally feel like I'm getting used to my new speed rope. The last 25 cals were lethal. I got a cramp in my side for the first time since like middle school which sucked...but stretching it out wasn't helping, so I just pushed through. Final thoughts: really just want to set those assault bikes on fire. I thought the regular AD were bad (which I haven't used since we moved to the new gym), but apparently the ratio is like 1 cal on the assault bike for every 3 on the old AD. 

I'm already stupid sore in my quads, abs, biceps and low back. Anticipate my shoulders screaming at me when I wake up tomorrow.

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