Friday, February 21, 2014


Today wasn't supposed to be a double...but funny story. This morning I was talking to Paul about yesterday's workout, and when I told him my rounds his face kind of went flat. I told him that the eccentric lowering of the snatch really tore me up, and I had to use a 50 pound weight bc there weren't any 55# dumbells. WELL turns out my brain interpreted the snatch as dumbell snatches and NOT the 11.1 (or whatever) open workout that it was supposed to be. Paul just laughed and called me a dumbass. And then I did the workout.

10 min AMRAP Open Pace
15 snatch 55lb
30 Dble Under
6 rds+4 snatch

A. OHS 3x3 90 sec rest
95, 105, 115* 2 reps at 115, could have gotten the 3, just got a little off balance on the way up

:30/:30 AD
X 30
118 cal. Wiped out.

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