Monday, February 24, 2014


Wasn't really feeling training today. Still really sore/fatigued from Saturday's session.

A. BS @20X1; 2,2,1,1; rest 2-3 min (2@75-80%, 1@85%)
160, 167, 177, 180. Way easier than anticipated (aka was dreading this). Super sore legs + not squatting in a while made me hesitant...but for no reason. Very smooth, good tempo
B. Emom 5 min - HPC x 2 (70-80%)
115. Easy. Focused on not jumping out so far
4 min amrap @open pace:
10 burpees
30 DU
3 rounds + 3 Burpees. Max effort. Really can;t remember much...blacked out.

rest 5 min

4 min amrap @open pace:
5 PS (65#)
7 box jump (20 in)
9 wall ball (14)
3+5 snatches. Looking back, I could have pushed through it and done all the snatches UB, but towards the end I dropped just to save myself the eccentric loading. Did all the WB UB except for one round. BJ were jump up, step down. Worked for me. One round in and I wanted to die.

rest as needed

2 sets @100%:
Row 400m
10 PC (95/65)
10 burpees AFAP
rest walk 12 min
2:12/2:15. The row got to the point where I was pushing so hard but not moving anywhere. Tried to breathe on the cleans so I could just bust it out on the burpees. Now I am dead and still Fran coughing.


AD 35 min @Z1 120 cal

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