Saturday, February 15, 2014


Another team training day in the books.

12 min – Build to a Tng PC x 3 (max load)
155#. In my head, I didn't think I'd get over 135/140. SURPRISE. 155 SNITCHES. That is 5 itty bitty pounds under my PR. I smell a new one in my future. AND fun fact: I didn't jump my feet out until the last rep of 155.

Round 1:
1 RC
8 DL (185)
100m run

Round 2:
2 RC
10 DL
100m run

Round 3:
3 RC
12 DL
100m run
6:55. Once again, underestimated myself. We put a 12 minute time cap on this workout, and I Was very scared I wouldn't make it. I did the first round of DL 4 and 4, and honestly I probably should have stayed with that type of rep scheme, but instead I did singles for the last two rounds. That was dumb, lost a lot of time. RC and HSPU felt great though.

Rest 10 min

for time:
Row 500m
1:48:6. Fastest I've ever rowed. Started off really fast, and thought "wow, I'm going to loose this pace", and I did...but not by much, and not until the very very end.

Rest 10 min

5:22. True story: first time I ever did Fran. Kind of was a weenie with this...partioned my thrusters, took too many breaks. Whatever, next time I'll know to push myself more. Bright side: I became a loooot more efficient with butterflying (I did the last 9 UB!! yay!). Really focused on keeping my body tight and hollow instead of flailing about and backwards pedaling. hooray progress

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