Friday, February 7, 2014


My cold has gotten 100% worse and I completely underestimated how much that would effect my workout. In other news, I finally got over being scared to test my body comp (aka Paul told me to do it), and got some pleasantly surprising results. I was pretty positive I gained like 5 pounds because 1) froyo and b)when we did body comp in class, the dumb scale told me I was 28% BF.  Rude. Downside: gained like 2 pounds. Upside: only .1 pounds was fat. Now I have officially overweight by my BMI

The stats:
Total Weight: 141.8# (140)
Fat: 29.4# (29.3)
LBM: 112.4# (110.7)
%BF: 20.8 (20.9)
BMI: 25.1 (24.8)
BMR: 1471 (1455)

Put on muscle everywhere but my right leg; the majority was in my arms...which explains why I incredible hulked out of a sweater this week.

A. Hang power clean 5x5; rest 90 seconds (work on PERFECT footwork)
85, 95, 100, 100, 100. Purposely stayed light, feet didn't jump out at all.
B. Snatch balance 3x3; rest 2 min
85This might as well have been 185. Felt really heavy today and had trouble dropping under the bar.
C. Front squat 3x3; rest 90 seconds (80% effort)
140. Found myself winded after the 3s. Silly cold. Legs felt ok though.
Airdyne sprints 10 seconds @97%
Slow spin recover 1:50x5
Rest 5 min

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