Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Slowly starting to feel better. Still congested and dealing with all that gross drainage, but other than that and feeling a little "heady"...getting better

Row 1k @70% Aer
rest walk 90 sec
x 6

Looking back at Thursday, when I did the same thing, I made some major improvement. The fastest I went on Thursday was 4:39. The SLOWEST I went today was 4:36. Not great, but progress. Held my pace relatively steady until the 5th 1k and then I slowed up a good bit. Talking about it with Paul, he said I should try to hold keep the same pace I did on the first one..will work on that. Overall, I think I did a better job keeping a steady pace the entire time. Really tried to focus on pushing hard with my legs and finding a good rhythm. Rowing broke up a bunch of the gunk in my chest, and I am disgusted to say I accidentally hacked a loogie on myself when I was coughing, but did not notice until AFTER I finished my row. I am appalled at how disgusting I am.

AD 30 sec @90%
Rest walk 30 sec
x 16
This was brutal and I hated every minute of it. Kept RPM between 65 and 70.

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