they call me "Trappy McSwoll"

I'm a twenty-something, crossfit obsessed, athletic trainer. I love lifting heavy things, cooking (and eating) delicious food, ice baths, compression shorts, and competition.

I've been crossfitting for about a year and it has made a huge positive impact on my life. Carolina Crossfit has made me stronger both physically and mentally, introduced me to the amazing people that I am proud to call my friends, and really is my happy place. It makes me laugh, cry, and sometimes want to vomit, but I wouldn't give it up for anything. Seriously, I would stop paying for cable before I stopped paying for crossfit.

I've participated in one local competition (so far), have one coming up in August, and have absolutely been bitten by the competition bug...I just want keep getting better and doing more!

This blog is starting out as a way to keep tabs on what I do, what I eat, and how I feel, but we'll see what it spawns into..

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