Tuesday, January 13, 2015


So yeah, operation blog more is going super....not. I'm currently in bed with the flu (since Sat pm) which is a huge bummer because I feel like I've had a lot of set backs lately and  was really looking forward to my January programming. Apparently this week is test week too, which obviously isn't going to happen (Sorry Paul). I'm supposed to go up and train in Columbia for the long weekend, but at this rate that probably won't happen either..Let's look back at the week..

For time:
30 CTB pull ups
90 double unders
20 CTB
60 double unders
10 CTB
30 double unders
5:03=knee sucked on DU

For time:
750m row buy in
30 squat snatch 65#
20 squat snatch 90#
10 squat snatch 105#
75 burpees
19:28-knee was blown up from DU, more like squower snatches.

Minus my knee feeling like ass, this was wonderful. I thought I was going to die the entire time, and the 75 burpees were killer. I was very proud of myself for just pushing through and not stopping moving during the burpees. My mantra for those is: fall down, get up. It works. Snatches were singles on 90 and 105, probably should have done multiples on the 90s...oh well.

AM - mixed MAP sets (long int)
4 sets @ high effort:
400m Row
20 box jumps - 20"
10 alternating db power snatch @ 50lb
10 gh sit-ups
10 burpees to 6" OH
5 min b/t sets
*I want you to adjust the work order every set. Goal is same time per set no matter the order.

PM - skipped run...Did "ghost" and worked on DU a little bit...and then did core work.

A. Clean, max
165 (PR!!) Got under 170 easy...couldn't stand it up
B. Power Snatch. Above Knee Hang Power Snatch, 1.1 x 6 sets,
1:30 min - start @ 95lb, try to add 5lbs per set
95, 100, 105, 110, 110, 115
C. Push Press, build to a challenging triple
140. Did UB, did not drop....Could have probably gone higher but wanted to save some for HSPU
CP Battery Test
9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for time:
Power Clean @ 135lb - drop every rep
Kipping HSPU to 5" deficit
16:06. Had to drop deficit.

Felt like a fucking monster today.

Back Squat @ 20X1, build to a tough set of 2--195
EMOM x 15 min:
1st - 1 legless rope climb to 15ft
2nd - 3 tough bar shoulder press (85)
3rd - 5 tough strict hspu
6 unbroken chest to bar x 10 sets for time - goal is sub 3 min
butterfly was super shitty. Just worked skill

EMOM was great...c2b not so much. Gives me a little anxiety with my comp coming up, but hopefully they'll come back

AM - mixed MAP sets (long int)
3 sets @ high effort:
500m Row
25 Wall Balls - 14# to 10 ft
25 gh sit-ups
25 burpees to 6" oh
100 du's Subbe d40 cal AD
5 min b/t sets
*I want you to adjust the work order every set. Goal is same time per set no matter the order.

DU skill work-sets of 50 UB. Focused on not piking and staying tall

This was really efforty for me. Had a killer cough that started in the morning and got worse throughout the day. Got the workout done, but the aerobic parts was pretty slow

Front Squat @ 20X1, build to a tough set of 1
185, couldn't stand up 190
High Hang Squat Snatch, build to a max - full pause in position
5 attempts only
EMOM x 14 mins:
1st - 3 hang power clean and overhead @ 135lb
2nd - 3 hang power snatch @ 95lb
*set-up 2 separate bars
had to stop, 0 energy/strength

***got home and had 102 fever and body aches...and cue the flu

 Did not train 1/11 and 1/12. The flu is kicking my ass.

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