Sunday, January 18, 2015


So went back to training on Friday, but didn't really follow my programming as they were all balls to the wall testers that my plastic wrap coated lungs could not I kind of just fucked around

10 sets @ high effort:
3 ring muscle-ups
6 box jumps - 24" - fast
9 cals Airdyne
60 sec b/t sets
This was last Sunday's workout and it went really well. I mixed up the order each time and my MU went great. Got most rounds 3 UB and on the earlier ones, I was landing really well and pretty much bypassing the dip. Happy Happy since I haven't done MU in foreverrrr

Then I played around with the axle bar because I'll have to use it in my upcoming competition. Did singles and double C&J. 115 felt tough. shiiiit

Did a partner wod with 2 other guys. 20 min AMRAP of 30 lateral burpees, c2b, and cleans. Weight went up 95, 105, 125, 135, 145. I died. My c2b were kind of shitty and breathing wise it was just terrible. I had to walk out and cough up a bunch of shit before I could go back and jump in again. Not so fun. Then I did a bunch of C2B. Working sets of 5. My butterfly kip feels super inefficient right now, but my normal kip was money

No way was I going to do THE tester from hell, so I just jumped in on my friend's training

-3K row--700 @ 85, 300 recover 400@85, 100 recover x2
I suck at rowing. The end. Tried to stay under 2/500 on the working sets but that didn't really happen
-max snatch-140 (PR)
focused on high elbows and a violent aggressive hip drive. Failed a couple 140s before I hit it. 5 pound PR.
-8 min AMRAP
odds-7 DL (185)
evens-60 DU
DU felt good today. DL were supposed to be 65%, but I havent maxed in months, so I kind of just guessed.
double russian KBS (36 lb)
Back ext
nothing to say about this one. It was death.

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