Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Warmed up with some handstand walking skill work. Was able to walk over a small box (After a kagillion tries) and holy shit I was so happy. It reminded me to have fun with training and not take myself too seriously. Yay fun things. Also, have been trying to read mentalitywod more often, and I like it.

A. Front squat @20X1; 3,3,3,3; rest 2-3 min
145#. Tough but obviously doable
B. 6 sets - Segmented snatch DL + HS + Snatch; rest 2-3 min (not Tng)
95, 95, 100, 100, 105, 105. Trying to drill this technique into my skull. This is one lift that is very hard for me to improved without a coach there in person...sigh
C. Push press; 3,3,3,3; rest 30 sec
105. I love push presses. love love love.
For time:
Run 800 m
20 squat clean - 95#
Run 400 m
15 jerk - 95#
Run 200 m
10 power snatch - 95#
14:43. Good news: this is the first time I've run and my ankle hasn't bothered me. Bad news: I am still terrible at running. Squat cleans got tough fast, especially coming off a run. Did fast singles. 400m run felt wonky after the squats, but really didn't need to use much leg in the jerks, so that was ok. Did 3 sets of 5. Easy. 200m run was lovely because it was short and I knew it would be over soon. Snatches were singles, focused on being agressive. I stepped over the bar each time to kind of regulate my rest. I noticed athletes doing it in the games (strict HSPU workout) and it made sense to me....Got me in a nice rhythm too..snatch, drop, step, snatch...

then I ate a lot of food...and some ice cream.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


sore as shit this morning but LOVED this workout. Was my normal cranky post work self coming into the gym, but felt refreshed after the workout. 150 was tough, but doable without misses. By the time I got to the thrusters, I was spent though...95 felt like 300 pounds. All were singles. Never really stopped moving.

for time:
10 power clean - 150#
15 squat clean - 125#
20 squat clean thruster - 95#
25 row cals



5 sets for times @ 100%:
20 Pull ups
30 push ups
40 sit ups
50 squats
(rest 5-8 min b/t sets)"

3:59, 4:30, 4:10, 3:47, 4:08

Pullups got very hard towards the end. Squats got easier...


The past weekend was kind of a blur. Went up to Columbia Friday night after my workout and spent the weekend up there..

A. 5 sets - PJ + SJ behind the neck + SJ; rest 2 min (build)
115, 125, 130, 135
B. 1 min – every 10 sec -SJ x 1 (60%) x 3 sets; rest 90 sec (bar remains in rack entire min)
C. 6 sets - every 75 sec – 5 thrusters (Tng, 95#), 5 burpees, 5 KB swing (2pd)
done. 2pood was HEAVY


5 sets –
5 Tng HPC (115#)
20 sec max effort AD
rest walk 3:10
HPC got tough at the end

didn't do my programmed workout, but worked on snatch and MU with Paul. Got a pretty consistent 125 for my snatch, but couldn't get 135...

travel day, did not workout

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Was looking forward to a shorter day, but it didn't go exactly as planned :( Warmed up with some gymnasty stuff just to get myself excited. Good news: I strung together 3 MU no problem. I think the trick is to use higher rings....maybe I'm on to something. Squats felt strong, my snatch fucking sucked today...

A. BS @20X1; 5,3,1,1,1; rest 2-3 min
145, 165, 186, 195, 205
B. Emom 5 min - BS @20X1 @90%
C. 5 sets - Drop snatch + heaving snatch balance + snatch balance; rest 90 sec
65, 75, 75, 80, 80. Drop snatch was the limiter...paused for 2 sec at the bottom..


5 rounds for time:
3 PS (85%)
row 200m
This did not happen today. I couldn't powersnatch 115, I couldn't even full snatch it. I got under it and chilled at the bottom for a while, but then nada. My body feels really tired/achy so I didn't really want to push it, also not going to lie, I did not have it in me mentally to push through it. I tried to snatch like 10-12 times, but did not make a single one. I didn't have a meltdown, but I did decide it was time to go. In the car, I felt incredibly guilty for not finishing my workout. Naturally I called my mom who gave me a huge lecture about over doing it and if it's worth all the time, energy, money, wear and tear on my body, etc...That was not a fun conversation.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Really shit attitude today. Zero motivation after another 12 hour day. rawr. Not sure what's going on with me right now but I just really haven't been feeling it lately. Not sure if work is getting to me..or the volume is getting to me. I know a HUGE part of it also is that I'm not eating enough. Shit, this is hard. I almost quit after the A, B, C portion. And then considered quitting before and after each 10 min AMRAP. Plus side: I didn't quit. But I don't really like that I have those feelings regarding training. Normally I feel better once I get into the swing of working I didn't

A. Build to a heavy – PC + Clean & Jerk (not Tng) in 8 sets or less
B. Clean pull; 1.1 x 3; rest 2 min
C. RDL @5211; 3-4 x 3; rest 90 sec
10 min amrap:
200m row
2 TGU/arm
5 ring dips
5 box jumps

rest 3 min

10 min amrap:
200m run
30 DUs
3 wall walks
5 jumping lunges/leg

rest 3 min

10 min amrap:
1 RC
5 burpees
10 wall balls
15 sit up

Monday, July 21, 2014


1 min Row
1 min FLR
1 min walking lunges
1 min COVP Hold
1 min double unders
x 10

Didn't feel great today. Body still feels crappy and def lacking motivation. I think I'm just in a tough transition period right now plus I know I'm not eating and recovering like I should. COVP hold was killer, and my DU sucked today.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Did NOT want to get up and go to the gym today. Literally felt like I got hit by a truck...but I did...and encountered a kajillion downed powerlines. No power at the gym, so I did the presses outside, CTB in the dark, and the runs outside obviously. I did decide to not do my PM session because I really didn't feel comfortable being alone back there in an empty gym without any a storm. PLUS My body really really really feels like crap. My shoulders are really achy along with the rest of my upper extremities. I was actually worried that my compartment syndrome came back, but I don't have sausage fingers so I guess I'm just worn out.

A. Press @ 12X3; 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 5 min (Hold OH for 3 sec)
85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 105
B. CTB Unbroken Chin Ups x 15/set x 5 sets; rest shortest time needed
(no break in kip allowed per set)
could not do 15 UB, so I did AMRP UB without breaking the kip 5, 6, 5, 7, 6
C. Run 400 m @ 90%; walk rest 2 min x 4
done. blah.

3 rounds for time @ 97%:
20 KBS - 2/1.5 pd
20 burpees
rest 30 min
for time @ 97%:
Row 400m
21 thrusters - 65#
Row 400m

**did not do. No power @ the gym

Saturday, July 19, 2014


A. PC – build to a heavy single in 15 min
160. Failed at 165 like 8 times...This was really frusturating because I made up my mind yesterday that I would hit 170, and I couldn't even get 165 EVEN THOUGH I'VE DONE IT BEFORE. I pouted a little bit, then got over it and continued with the workout
B. 3 sets - Max effort Tng of A - Take 70% of A (true Tng, no pauses); rest 2 min
112#; 12, 6, 6
C. 6 sets – PJ + SJ x 2; rest 2 min (speed and efficiency less about load)
85, 95, 100, 100, 100, 100
3 sets for time:
100m sled drag (HEAVY grinder)--HEAVY sled+90#
50m FC 2 pood
100m HS walk
50 DUs
57:38. Yeah so maybe I went too heavy on the sled drag because I have bruises on my shoulders, back, and waist from the rope thingy that I used to drag it....and it took me almost an hour to do this thing. The HS walk also took a very long time because my shoulders were already fatigued....I probably made it 10m max without having to stop. This was a mindfuck for sure. The sled drag was pretty terrible and it really sucks trying to move something that just doesn't want to move. The handstands were irritating as well. I did it though, and some of my new gym friends paid me a huge compliment when they commented how I always just put my head down and do work without complaining.

Friday, July 18, 2014


A. SJ; 2,2,2,2,2; rest 2-3 min (build, speed and efficiency)
stayed at 85# and worked on getting under the bar faster, punching it out, and getting my head through.
B. Front rack lunge; 20m x 4 sets; rest 3 min (inc load per set)
85, 95, 105, 110. The last 2 sets were HARD
C. 3 sets:
60 sec max effort - PC + J (115)
rest 60 sec
60 sec max effort – PC + J (95)
rest 60 sec
60 sec max effort – PC + J (65)
rest 3 min
115 and 95 were way harder than anticipated. 65 was a breeze
5 sets –
5 thruster (65#)
20 sec row @ MAX EFFORT
rest walk 3:10
Oh hey, this sucked. Stayed way under 1:50/500 on the row

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


A. BS @22X1; 10@50%, 8@60%, 6@70%, 4@75%, 3@80%; 2@85%, 1 @90%; rest only the time it take to change the weights
107, 130, 150, 160, 182, 195. This felt awesome. It was a tough little workout, but all my squats felt smooth. Never really got stuck which was good. Reallllllly focused on keeping my knees out. Think I did a good job, Irving was watching me and said they looked good, so I'll take his word for it.
B. Snatch balance; 2,2,2,2; rest 2 min
105. These felt ok. Irving worked with me a little bit on staying upright and keeping the bar behind me. My hips are super tight too...REALLY need to work on that...I need a live-in massage therapist
C. 5 sets - Muscle Snatch + Snatch grip push press; rest 2-3 min
65, 75, 75, 75, 75. Kept it light so I could really focus on technique.
For time
10 sets:
20 DUs
5 kipping HSPU
rest walk 60 sec
25, 22, 21, 29, 23, 24, 25, 25, 24, 26 (total time 13:04). DU felt pretty good today which was a surprise. I need to start shortening my rope, but I haven't done that yet...HSPU were good. All unbroken. hooray

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A. Build to a heavy – 2 Clean + 1 Jerk in 15 min
150. Worked up from 105, 125, 135, 145 (failed the jerk once because it was too far in front..then made the complex). then 150. Felt really good coming out of the squat which NEVER happens this "heavy". I probably could have squeaked out a little more, but my 15 minutes was up
B. RDL @4211; 3-5 x 3; rest 2 min (tough weight)
C. For 6 sets – every 90 sec - Tng HPS x 6 (60%) + 5 burpees + 30 DUs
85 (60 was 81..) 85 felt pretty heavy
10 min amrap @80%:
Run 200m**subbed row because it was dark outside and I was the only one there..
2 TGU/arm (36)
Row 200m
2rds + 137m. TGU were the huge limiter here
rest 3 min

10 min amrap @80%:
3 MUps
20 sit ups
30m crawl
4 rounds. MU were a struggle today, not sure why
rest 3 min

10 min amrap:
10 cal AD
10 Pull ups
10 burpees
4 rds

Monday, July 14, 2014


1 min Run Row
1 min FLR on Rings
1 min AD
1 min L-Sit
1 min double unders
x 9
 This was not so fun. Subbed rowing for the run because it was raining. The FLR and Lsit were HARD. After 45 minutes of sweating buckets, I had a chat with Irving about my double unders. Basically I'm being really inefficient because I don't keep my arms by my sides. This was def the case during the open, so I'm going to take his advice and slowly shorten my rope week by week so I force myself to stay tighter. After sweatapalooza, I did a few bar MU because I hadn't done them in a while...and then smacked the shit out of my boobs so I stopped. THEN I worked on some HS walking, and Iriving the gymnastics ninja gave me 4 little pointers which completely transformed my HS walks. Smaller "steps", straight arms, neutral neck, and fingers out. Boom, I can do this allllll dayyyyy. Then I went home and ate because food is good. I'm going to try to keep a detailed food log this week to see how i'm doing....rawr

Sunday, July 13, 2014


5 min z1 warm up
1 min 85%
1 min 50%
5 min z1 cool down
1st 14 min on rower. .finished up on AD..if only I still had access to 5929409809845 assault bikes instead of 1 broken airdyne. The rowing intervals sucked.

Chest to bar chin ups
6:34. Oh hey, this was miserable. Kept burpees tbe same pace on C2B to save my triceps. I should have piled up a few mats so I didn't have to jump as high.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


A. PC cluster; 2.2.2 x 3; rest 15 sec, rest 2 min (build, not Tng)
135, 145, 155--misread, did wrong..ended up doing 3x2
B. Jerk ; 3,3,3,3; rest 2 min
125, from ground, push jerks
C. 20 SJ for time (85%, from ground)
2:57 (125)
8 min amrap:
8 burpees
amrap strict HSPU effort
5rds+4t2b (2-3HSPU/round)
rest 3 min

8 min amrap:
12 cal row
6 box jumps (step down)
amrap chin ups
3 rds+3 cals. Really felt like I hit the wall

Friday, July 11, 2014


A. BS @20X1; build to a heavy triple (in 8 sets or less)
155, 165, 175, 185
B. Emom 10 min –
Odd – tall snatch + dip snatch
Even – snatch x 1
65#. 65 was the heaviest I could go for the tall snatch. That was pretty tough...
C. Snatch high pull; 2,2,2,2 (80-90% of 1RM); rest 2 min
didn't have written down for some reason, did not do

5 Rope Climb
10 BB Russian step up (mod load)
4 RC
10 BB lunge
3 RC
10 BB reverse lunge
2 RC
10 Front rack step up
1 RC
10 OH walking lunge
13:10 65#
Row 150m @90%
Rest walk 30 sec
34.0, 34.2, 35.8, 36.1, 36.8, 36.1, 35.2, 35.3

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Still struggling to get motivated (and still sick), but glad today was a shorter day.

A. Build to a 95% effort Front Squat in 12 min
B. 10 push jerk 95# x4 sets; rest 2 min
felt pretty good. focused on trying to cycle all about 8 TnG, then had to kind of reset my feet and finish up the last 2
C.1 10 GHD Sit-ups
C.2 10 Back Ext ; rest 90 sec x 3
25 min Time cap (cut it off after that if you don't finish)
1-15, 15-1 ladder
Ring dip
(1 L-pu, 15 ring dips, 2L-pu, 14 ring rips…. 15 L-pu, 1 ring dip)
6 L-PU + 5 RD

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Still dealing with the cough. Seems to be getting worse unfortunately..Did NOT want to train today but felt better once I did...and then worse...I literally sat slumped in front of a fan for 20 minutes after I was done. ROUGH

A. For 8 sets - every 30 sec – Tng PC + jerk (60%) x 2
B1. Tng Snatch (full) x 5; rest 15 sec
B2. DU x 30; rest 15 sec
B3. Row 10 cal Hard; rest walk 3 min
C. Good morning @32X1; 5,5,5; rest 2 min
10 min amrap@80%:
AD 10 cal  20 sec AD
10 jumping squat
5 HR push ups
2 MUp
5rds+20 sec on AD. Computer on AD broke so I just went for 10 seconds. MU were singles. I'm working on using progressively higher rings since that's how they'd be for any competitions I might do
rest 3 min

10 min amrap @80%:
row 250m
2 TGU/arm 16 kg
6 kipping HSPU
4 rounds+16m TGU was limiter..and my row was slow as hell, let's be honest
rest 3 min

for time @80%:
400m run sub 400m row
10 CTB Pull ups
20 wtd. sit ups 15#
2 rounds+77m. I didn't want to run since I was the only one at the gym after hours and it's a little secluded back at the I rowed instead. I completely hit a wall. This was terrible.

Monday, July 7, 2014


this was beautiful. body feels like shit after hitting it hard this weekend. This cold/sickness/virus/ick feels like double shit, but this workout made me feel way better

1 min Row
1 min Side Bridge (right)
1 min AD
1 min Side Bridge (left)
1 min double unders
x 8

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Literally look every fiber in my body to get up and go to the gym today. Still feeling sick and really just wanted to lie around today. Also, my ass is so sore from those damn split squats. sick+sore...great combo. Really tempted to skip the cardio part...but didn't. Obviously.

A. Build to a heavy - SJ from behind the neck (use rack or boxes) in 15 min
105, 120, 135, 145, 150FAILx2. Felt really strong up until the 150s. I think I could have gotten it, if I had been more agressive with the dip and drive.
B. 6 sets – clean pull + mid thigh hang clean pull + mid thigh hang clean; rest 2-3 min
115x2, 125x2, 130x2. Felt really good in my squats.
C. Emom 12 min (60-70%, snappy)
Even – clean + FS + jerk
Odd – burpee box jump over x 5 + 20 DUs
105# for the cleans. Did powercleans, probably shouldn't have done that. Felt fine though. DU felt great. Didn't do the little dolphin kick thing..
20 sec AD max effort
rest 3:20 min
x 4
rest 5 min
x 3
Kind of gassed at this point. Did it though. hooray.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Was really amped to train today and work on my snatch, but that quickly disappeared as I woke up (still) feeling like shit and everything kind of sucked..
A. BS @32X1 cluster; 2.2.2 x 3; rest 15 sec, rest 2 min
155, 170, 180. Probably should have started a little higher. 155 wasn't bad. 180 was tough.
B. Mid thigh hang snatch pull + HS + Snatch; 1.1.1 x 6; rest 2-3 min
85, 95, 95, 95, 95, 95 missed a few of the final snatches. Did not feel stable, or great at the bottom. Frustrating because 95 should be easy. One of the coaches noted that I need to focus on driving my elbows up, so I'll work on that.
C. Drop snatch; 3,3,3,3; rest 90 sec (SPEED)
55, 65, 70, 75. Didn't really know where to start with weight here, started of light because I was a little tentative to just drop under the bar without a dip or drive. Really good drill to work on speed...
Row Repeats 500m
x 5 rest 3 min between sets 90%
2:03:3/2:07:0/2:07:7/ 2:06:5/2:07:5
Was tough to get myself motivated to do this as a)I have some icky virus which makes me feel like tired shit and b)I HATE ROWING (and am reallllly bad at it), but I did it. Started off too fast and couldn't sustain it...guess I was pretty consistent for the rest

30 C&J @ 95lbs
For time
Had to drop a few times. I know I could have done better but it was really tough to push myself today. What started off as a little tickle is turning into a full blown virus which is really getting in the way with things..I guess this isn't a terrible time though. Way better than I did it last. Can't remember the exact time though.

Friday, July 4, 2014


Feeling a little under the weather...pretty run down with some cold-like symptoms..

A. Build to a HVY FS in 5 attempts
155, 165, 175, 180, Failed 185 (Video). Pretty frustrated that my front squat seems to be stuck around 180/185
B. RFSS 6-8 reps ea leg 4 sets; rest 2 min
40#/hand. 6 reps/leg. Tough but doable. May have been able to do 8 reps the first set or two..
Asending ladder emom as long as you can make the reps
1min burpee 1 +1 MU
2min 2 Burpee + 2 MU
3 rounds+4 burpees + 2MUWas able to string together my second round of 2 MU, but no others. Kept losing false grip and either getting stuck in the dip or not even catching myself on the rings. More frustration.
+ rest as needed
15 min AMRAP
strict HSPU 3
strict pull-up 3
13 rounds. This made me feel strong..not really sure what a good score would have been (15 rds maybe?) but I went unbroken for maybe the first 8-10 rounds..that was cool.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Death by deadlifts 165# (must be touch and go reps… 1on the first
minute, 2 on the second minute, 3 on the third, etc…)
9 rounds. Lost grip on #3/10
100 ring dips for time
21:52 (50@8:02). This was miserable. started reallllly failing around rep 80.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


A. Power Clean - 2-3 x 5; rest 2 min
120x3TnG, 125X3TnG, 130x2TnG, 135x2TnG, 140X2--regripped @ bottom
B. Clean Pulls @ 120% max clean; 2,2,2,2,2; rest 90 sec
attempted 195 (video), ended up using 180
C. Bench Press Close Grip @ 30X1; 2-3 x 4; rest 2 min - 80%
120# 3,2,2,2
5 sets:
5 UB CTB chin ups
Airdyne 20 sec @ 90%
30 double unders AFAP
rest walk 3 min b/t sets