Sunday, July 6, 2014


Literally look every fiber in my body to get up and go to the gym today. Still feeling sick and really just wanted to lie around today. Also, my ass is so sore from those damn split squats. sick+sore...great combo. Really tempted to skip the cardio part...but didn't. Obviously.

A. Build to a heavy - SJ from behind the neck (use rack or boxes) in 15 min
105, 120, 135, 145, 150FAILx2. Felt really strong up until the 150s. I think I could have gotten it, if I had been more agressive with the dip and drive.
B. 6 sets – clean pull + mid thigh hang clean pull + mid thigh hang clean; rest 2-3 min
115x2, 125x2, 130x2. Felt really good in my squats.
C. Emom 12 min (60-70%, snappy)
Even – clean + FS + jerk
Odd – burpee box jump over x 5 + 20 DUs
105# for the cleans. Did powercleans, probably shouldn't have done that. Felt fine though. DU felt great. Didn't do the little dolphin kick thing..
20 sec AD max effort
rest 3:20 min
x 4
rest 5 min
x 3
Kind of gassed at this point. Did it though. hooray.

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