Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Still dealing with the cough. Seems to be getting worse unfortunately..Did NOT want to train today but felt better once I did...and then worse...I literally sat slumped in front of a fan for 20 minutes after I was done. ROUGH

A. For 8 sets - every 30 sec – Tng PC + jerk (60%) x 2
B1. Tng Snatch (full) x 5; rest 15 sec
B2. DU x 30; rest 15 sec
B3. Row 10 cal Hard; rest walk 3 min
C. Good morning @32X1; 5,5,5; rest 2 min
10 min amrap@80%:
AD 10 cal  20 sec AD
10 jumping squat
5 HR push ups
2 MUp
5rds+20 sec on AD. Computer on AD broke so I just went for 10 seconds. MU were singles. I'm working on using progressively higher rings since that's how they'd be for any competitions I might do
rest 3 min

10 min amrap @80%:
row 250m
2 TGU/arm 16 kg
6 kipping HSPU
4 rounds+16m TGU was limiter..and my row was slow as hell, let's be honest
rest 3 min

for time @80%:
400m run sub 400m row
10 CTB Pull ups
20 wtd. sit ups 15#
2 rounds+77m. I didn't want to run since I was the only one at the gym after hours and it's a little secluded back at the gym...so I rowed instead. I completely hit a wall. This was terrible.

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