Friday, July 4, 2014


Feeling a little under the weather...pretty run down with some cold-like symptoms..

A. Build to a HVY FS in 5 attempts
155, 165, 175, 180, Failed 185 (Video). Pretty frustrated that my front squat seems to be stuck around 180/185
B. RFSS 6-8 reps ea leg 4 sets; rest 2 min
40#/hand. 6 reps/leg. Tough but doable. May have been able to do 8 reps the first set or two..
Asending ladder emom as long as you can make the reps
1min burpee 1 +1 MU
2min 2 Burpee + 2 MU
3 rounds+4 burpees + 2MUWas able to string together my second round of 2 MU, but no others. Kept losing false grip and either getting stuck in the dip or not even catching myself on the rings. More frustration.
+ rest as needed
15 min AMRAP
strict HSPU 3
strict pull-up 3
13 rounds. This made me feel strong..not really sure what a good score would have been (15 rds maybe?) but I went unbroken for maybe the first 8-10 rounds..that was cool.

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