Saturday, July 5, 2014


Was really amped to train today and work on my snatch, but that quickly disappeared as I woke up (still) feeling like shit and everything kind of sucked..
A. BS @32X1 cluster; 2.2.2 x 3; rest 15 sec, rest 2 min
155, 170, 180. Probably should have started a little higher. 155 wasn't bad. 180 was tough.
B. Mid thigh hang snatch pull + HS + Snatch; 1.1.1 x 6; rest 2-3 min
85, 95, 95, 95, 95, 95 missed a few of the final snatches. Did not feel stable, or great at the bottom. Frustrating because 95 should be easy. One of the coaches noted that I need to focus on driving my elbows up, so I'll work on that.
C. Drop snatch; 3,3,3,3; rest 90 sec (SPEED)
55, 65, 70, 75. Didn't really know where to start with weight here, started of light because I was a little tentative to just drop under the bar without a dip or drive. Really good drill to work on speed...
Row Repeats 500m
x 5 rest 3 min between sets 90%
2:03:3/2:07:0/2:07:7/ 2:06:5/2:07:5
Was tough to get myself motivated to do this as a)I have some icky virus which makes me feel like tired shit and b)I HATE ROWING (and am reallllly bad at it), but I did it. Started off too fast and couldn't sustain it...guess I was pretty consistent for the rest

30 C&J @ 95lbs
For time
Had to drop a few times. I know I could have done better but it was really tough to push myself today. What started off as a little tickle is turning into a full blown virus which is really getting in the way with things..I guess this isn't a terrible time though. Way better than I did it last. Can't remember the exact time though.

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