Monday, July 14, 2014


1 min Run Row
1 min FLR on Rings
1 min AD
1 min L-Sit
1 min double unders
x 9
 This was not so fun. Subbed rowing for the run because it was raining. The FLR and Lsit were HARD. After 45 minutes of sweating buckets, I had a chat with Irving about my double unders. Basically I'm being really inefficient because I don't keep my arms by my sides. This was def the case during the open, so I'm going to take his advice and slowly shorten my rope week by week so I force myself to stay tighter. After sweatapalooza, I did a few bar MU because I hadn't done them in a while...and then smacked the shit out of my boobs so I stopped. THEN I worked on some HS walking, and Iriving the gymnastics ninja gave me 4 little pointers which completely transformed my HS walks. Smaller "steps", straight arms, neutral neck, and fingers out. Boom, I can do this allllll dayyyyy. Then I went home and ate because food is good. I'm going to try to keep a detailed food log this week to see how i'm doing....rawr

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