Saturday, October 26, 2013


Woke up and saw muscle ups were programmed and got excited/scared because I haven't done them since that time I overdid it and hurt myself.  After consulting with my advisers (ha!), the decision was made to not do them. I made a few halfhearted attempts while warming up and got very butt hurt that I was not magically doing them....but then I got over it and started my workout

A. BS @42X1; 5,3,1,5,3,1; rest 2 min (tough last single)
125, 155, 185, 145, 175, 195. I started off too light on this. 195 was tough, but I think I may have been able to get 200/205
B. 20 TGU for time (1pd)
4:43. Misery.
10 min @ 80%:
50m FC (50# dumbell)
10 burpee box jump overs (20 in box)
3 MU chest 2 rings + 3 dips
3 rounds + 50m farmers carry + 1 BBJO. Subbed c2r and dips for the muscle ups. FC got heavy towards the end...was pretty fluid on the bbjo...and the dips were fine...a little tiring at the end.
(rest walk 5 min)
10 min @ 80%:
row 200m
4 CTB chin ups
4 rounds + 200 row + 4 HSPU + 1 C2B. My row felt pretty smooth. HSPU were great (huzzah) and the C2B were rough
(rest walk 5 min)
8 min @ 80%:
8 wall balls 14#, 10 ft target
run 200 m
3 rounds + 8 WB + 8 TTB + 100m. WB actually were not that bad. My first round of TTB, I did unbroken and were pretty fabulous. The following rounds, I never came off the bar...but I had to do the double swing thingy which isn't very efficient

THEN I worked on some clean and jerks, because they're in a competition I'm doing in December, and I haven't jerked in like 80 years. I got up to 135# easily. Jumped up to 145# which I caught in the squat both times, and just dumped it. Oops. Looks like I need to front squat more. wahhhh.

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