Tuesday, October 8, 2013


#TIP strikes again

21-15-9 (not for time)
GHD sit ups
back extensions


500m row
50 DU
400m row
40 DU
300m row
30 DU
200m row
20 DU
100m row
10 DU
10:30. Def started off too fast on the first 500 (140-150)...didn't do the 50 DU unbroken (more like 30/20) and then found a much slower pace (<2....2:15-2:30) for the rest of the rows. Got tripped up at 32 for the 40 DU, and then managed the rest unbroken (I think?). Bright side: the 100 m row felt like nothing and the 10 DU were cake. nothing like a long(ish) WOD for a little perspective.


Row skill work
Josh worked with me a little bit, trying to get more efficient with the pull-rest-recover-repeat cycle. Think it helped? need to practice more. REALLY appreciate him willing to work with me. Love my gym. Love my coaches. Everyone wants everyone to succeed.

30 min z1 airdyne.
airdyne sucks. airdyne sucks more when it's chilly and you're blowing wind on yourself.

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