Friday, October 18, 2013


A. HPC x 1/FS x 5 - work to a tough 5 in the FS in 10 min
135#. Had some help from Paul with proper form from the hang. 135 was a tough clean from the hang; my hips were feeling very slow. I felt like I could probably front squat a little more for a tough 5..
B. AMRAP unbroken wall balls (-5); rest 90 sec x 3
20/17/15. I don't really know how to judge AMRAP I kind of just did them until I felt tired-ish. I probably could have done more, a lot of it was mental. ooooops.
HPC tough
Wtd Dip tough
125# HPC 20# Dip. Started at 135#, but missed a few times. 125 was tough at the beginning until I really got my hips in to it. I think I took too long of a break between the first part of my workout and this. The dips were hard, but doable.
amrap in 10 min:
Row 1K
rest of time amrap DU's
185 DU. Rowing. Yay. I really tried to utilize the tips Josh gave me to be a more efficient rower. Did the DU in sets of 20...and then 10 when I got tired. ROUGH. It was fun though.

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