Saturday, October 5, 2013


I was really lacking motivation today, but I made it to the gym after work this morning and got my workout in. I feel like I probably didn't reach my full potential, but I am satisfied that at this moment in time, I gave it my best. I'm getting fed up with being injured. My forearms seem to be getting better, but I'm dealing with some shoulder stuff right now too. Just falling apart right now. It will get better though....I also hit myself in the face with a 20 pound wall ball. That was fun,

3 rounds @ 80%
25 wall balls, 20#, 10'
20 sit ups
15 HR push ups
9:29. don't think I got an entire round of wallballs UB. 20 pounds felt really heavy. Sit ups were find, and the push ups were OK too. My left tricep is super sore from yesterday, and my shoulders are fatigued, but the wallballs were really the worst.
death by burpees
16 rounds + 14 burpees. This got difficult circa round 14. I wasn't really pumped up coming into this workout, and I felt ike I probably could have done better had I been in a better frame of mind. This highlights the importance of mental toughness..

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