Wednesday, January 8, 2014


A. Emom 8 min –
Front squat + Thruster (build)
75, 85, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120. These felt pretty good. 120 was tough for the thruster, but I def could have gotten more.
B1. 5 sets - Segmented snatch DL x 2 (80%); rest 30 sec
B2. Snatch x 1; rest 2 min
95#. Deadlift was fine, started out power snatching which was easy, but then started full squatting and  felt a little unstable at the bottom of the squat. Didn't miss any, just wobbly.
C. GH raise; 10-12 x 3; rest 90 sec
felt the burn in my hams. mission accomplished.
10 min amrap @80%:
5 Tng HPs (95#)
30 DUs
5 CTB chin up
5 cal AD
3 rounds + 5 HP, 30DU, 2c2b. C2B were better today, but kipping still sucked. Hang power cleans felt a little heavy, but was able to touch and go all sets.
rest 3 min
10 min amrap @80%:
Row 250m
8 HR push ups
6 DL (135#)
4 rounds +250m row +8HRPU. 135 felt a little heavier than I think it should. All of the DL were Tng though. I reallllly need to work on my form for these.
rest 3 min
10 min amrap @80%
5 burpees
10 KB swing (1.5 pood)
10 walking lunges
5 rds+5 burpees + 10 KBS+5TTB. Kind of petered out on this one mentally and physically, which seems to be a little bit of a trend. Can't remember the last time I did KBS and honestly felt some pulling on my wound during those and the burpees which worried me/slowed me down a bit. TTB felt a little smoother though.

I feel pretty wrecked from the past 3 days. Not injured or even super sore, just beat. A sign of good programming if I do say so myself. Definitely looking forward to my rest day (erm 45 minute airdyne0

On a food note, I'm doing better about getting enough protein. The past few days i've finished the day around 130...140/150 would be optimal...but baby steps. With my work/class schedule next semester, I'm going to have to plan the shit out of my meals, so hopefully that'll make it easier to get my macros in..

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