Friday, January 3, 2014


I decided that a good new years resolution would be to really focus on warming up/mobility/prehab etc....and to hydrate more. Today I achieved both of these goals...I spend like 20-30 minutes warming up and doing some shoulder stabilization exercises and have been chugging water like it's going out of style. Kind of messed up my workout as I should have worked on muscle ups after I did static strength training, but in my defense I wasn't planning on doing that many...was just going to include them in my warm up (aka I have to do one every day lest I forget how..) and be done, but then I started working on stringing them together...and like 30 minutes passed. oops. Needless to say, I'm ready to get these stitches out, get back on an actual training plan, and get ready for the O word.

A. 3x10 Y-T-Is, prone (2.5# Ys and Is, 5# Ts)
B. Muscle up work (strict transitions from knees, singles, attempting to string together)
strict transitions were great, need to do these (and YTIs) as part of a "warm up" like 3 days a week, at least. Single muscle ups felt really strong today, and the dips didn't really give me trouble until the end. I made every one I attempted, actually that's a lie. My shoulder did something weird during one and I fell out of the top, but whatever. Stringing them together got pretty tricky. I got close when I fell directly from the top, but when I went from the bottom, it got significantly tougher. I think my biggest problem is that I slip from false grip. Solution: learn how to do muscle ups without false gripping.
C1. wtd pull ups 2-3 @3131
C2. wtd dips 2-3
2-3 min rest, x5
20#. Got 2 pull ups, 3 dips pretty consistently. MY ARMS WERE DEAD. Dips felt strong though, pull ups, not so much.

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