Monday, January 13, 2014


Had a great training day today. PRed my back squat by 5-10 pounds (can't remember by previous max), PC 150# for the first time since FOREVER and then almost got 155#, and then GOT A FREAKING BAR MUSCLE UP.

A. BS@20X1; 2,1,2,1; rest 2-3 min (last double and single tough)
155#, 175#, 175#, 210#. Attempted 225#, was able to control it on the way down, get about half way up, and then the damn thing wouldn't budge. Good thing Paul was there spotting me!  I definitely didn't breathe correctly on this lift, I think that contributed to it. On the bright side, PR! yay! Also worth noting that I did a proper CNS warm up. note to self: do this more. makes a huge freaking difference.
B. Emom 14 min – C&J x 1 (build)
Started at 95# and increased by 5 every minute. Failed on 155#, tried it again, failed again. I was able to power clean 150# easily which is HUGE for me. I haven't been able to PC 150# since the OPT  athlete camp, and actually struggled to squat it. I caught 155 in the squat, but wasn't able to stand it up. I'm not worried, I'll get it soon. In terms of jerking, none felt particularly heavy. I tried to get into the split jerk flow, but felt a little unstable. I let my body just do what felt natural aka power jerk, and it felt a lot better. My 150# jerk was power. It felt light.
C. 6 sets - every 90 sec –
30 DUs,
Was worried that I would run out of time and these would just be continuous. That was def not the case. DU were good, first 4 rounds UB, the last two I got tripped up around 18..HSPU were great, and CTB were ok...I never came off the bar which was a plus, and my kipping got a little better..need to concentrate on staying tight in the core.
for time:
Clean (80%)
Bar MU
9:41. 120# PC. This counts BMU attempts, I probably successfully did 15. Not sure how many I made the first two rounds, but got all 5 the last round. Not bad for literally just learning how to do one 5 minutes before my workout. Cleans felt ok. Got heavy towards the end, but not terrible. Did PC singles and didn't miss any.

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