Monday, September 2, 2013

labor day

I am convinced James FitzGerald has bugged my life. Yesterday, while laying on the dock enjoying being lazy, I was voicing my hatred for running and wallballs. What do I see when I check the workout this morning? RUNNING AND WALLBALLS. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is right.I went to bed last night excited about killing it in the gym today...not going to lie, it took a loooot of coffee and bumpin music to get me pumped.

A. BS @ 40X1; 3-4 x 5; rest 3 min
The 145 was super easy...the 165 was not. Tempo squats murder my glute meds. I probably should have pushed for 4 on 165# earlier, but I was being a baby and didn't want to bail. I could definitely see a major difference in my explosiveness between the 155 and 165.
B1. PP TnG; 5 reps x 5 sets; rest 1 min
These were solid. I don't think I could have gone higher than 105 and kept it unbroken. The last few rounds I had to actively keep my back from going crazy curvy. Last time I maxed, my 1RM was 110, so doing 105 for 5 seems prettttty good. Gonna have to find that max eventually.
B2. AMRAP strict mixed grip chin ups x 5 sets; rest 2 min
I'm actually pretty proud of these because I made sure they were super strict dead hang awesome chin ups; I stopped as soon as my the rest of my body moved at all. Keeping an underhand grip on my left hand was kind of sucky though.
for times:
run 1 mile
rest walk 2 min
100 wall balls - 14# to 10ft
rest walk 2 min
run 1 mile
BAHAHAHHA this sucked. My goal was to do each mile under 10 minutes...and the notes on the WOD were to keep them about the same time. oops...Anyhow, the first run felt ok. My shins hurt from the get go and my hips felt (and feel) pretty tight. I really tried to stay in the moment and stay in tune with my body which really kept me focused on running. The two minute rest went way too fast. Wall balls actually weren't as bad as I had anticipated. I came in with the game plan of doing sets of 10...which worked pretty well until I hit about 60/70 where I'd do like 5...drop...5 blah blah blah. Two minutes later I was stumbling back out the gym and onto the sidewalk. The first 100 was questionable. I felt much like I would imagine a baby horse learning to walk feels, then I fell into the groove for a while, then I realized how slow I was going and made myself pick it up (while simultaneously telling myself to drop judgement), and then the last 100, I picked it up even more. I think I was just excited to be done. Pretty sweet 37 second difference between miles....I am definitely still learning my engine and my body's capabilities. 

I feel like I'm still training my body and brain to get used to this type of training. I'm still expecting to go in there and do long ass kicking workouts with lots of oly lifts and skill work, and that's not necessarily the case. I'm really just trying to trust in the system and absorb all the information and guidance that the coaches give me. I'm really starting to understand the difference between truly training and just working out, and even though these workouts and super not fun at times, I can tell that doing them are going to make me a better athlete..even though I feel like I look pretty unathletic when trying to run after wallballs...womp. Also, I suck at eating more. I really didn't see this being a problem, but today I felt like I was eating all the time, but I still only got to 1862 cals, 138 CHO, and 126 PRO. I'm trying harder to plan, so we'll see...Like everything else this is a process, but I just want it to be perfect now. shocker. Starting tomorrow, I will be posting my meals.

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