Wednesday, September 18, 2013


My bedroom floor is covered with clean clothes to put away, and my kitchen is straight up obviously I'm watching slowmo videos of camille doing muscle ups and painting my nails with pink glitter....and thinking about my workout today...duh. Anyhow, the muscle up video (x100) and a conversation I had last night, got me thinking about how much I have accomplished and how much hard work really pays off--Last night I was talking to another athlete at my gym who is hands down the best female in the gym, and someone that I have looked up to since I met her (aside from being a ballin' crossfitter, she is an amazing person, but that is besides the point) I told her...and then she turned around and told me how much I inspired her with my hard work and determination...whaaaat? crazy.
I really don't think I'm doing anything that special...just setting goals and trying to achieve them..but it is big. And it's a theme in my crossfit career. Career? does that work? Whatever.  Anyhow, I couldn't do EROM HSPU, and a few weeks after busting my ass, I was able to knock them out in a competition. But it starts even earlier...One of my first memories from Crossfit was doing 31 heroes and not being able to even begin to climb the rope..after I got over being upset, I decided that next time we had rope climbs in a WOD, I'd kill it...and the next time we did a hero WOD with rope climbs...I RXed it. Fast forward to muscle ups. I've been working on them on and off since December...but after seriously buckling down for 2ish weeks, I got them. This gives me such hope and excitement for what is next! I know I have to get stronger...faster...and overall better. But I am getting there, and whatever my next goals are, I know I will achieve them..and then keep going.

After  such positive thoughts, I was ready to bust out my AD workout and then work on muscle ups, however my body felt otherwise.

AD 3 min @ Z1
AD max cals in 20 min
AD 3 min @ Z1 cool down
206 cals. Started off 30 on 90 off per Ben, but then Paul said to do 30 on 30 off. Started off strong but petered off towards the end.

I rested a little bit, started warming up, and was going to do 1 muscle up EMOM for 10 minutes, buuuuut it did not happen. As I mentioned last night, my elbows are KILLING me. Warming up, ring dips felt a little funky and I did not feel strong at all. I still attempted muscle ups (multiple...), but once I caught myself to begin the dip, I just fell out. Not sure if it's my brain not wanting to hurt myself..or both. Probably both. I really tried not to get upset, and drop judgement....but that didn't happen either. I was really disappointed in myself and my body. I managed to get over it though. I pretended I was one of my athletes, and told myself that it's not worth pushing myself too hard now and getting a serious injury which will hinder my future progress. And I will keep telling myself that until I believe it. I think I'm going to give my elbows a break, do some prehab/rehab, and not do anymore muscle ups until next week. I'm just going to have to trust my body and my ability and have faith that I won't "lose" my muscle ups, if I don't do them for a couple of days.

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