Monday, September 9, 2013

butt hurt

For the record, my butt actually hurts (thanks RDLs), but this more refers to the fact that I am so freaking butt hurt that I still can't get a muscle up. I could go on and on, but I've made a conscious decision to just get over it. Whining and being salty isn't going to help's just going to hinder me. So I'm dropping all the judgements I have for myself (and others) and going to try to ignore all the shit others blow me...because I know that I'm trying...and that's all that matters. Until I finally get one and then dance around the gym (probably crying tears of joy).

My workout was OK today.
A1. Press @ 12X2; 3-5 x 4; rest 20 sec
85#; 4/4/3/3. This was tough, but I got it done. The kicker is, I was too busy being salty about muscle ups to realize this was a TEN POUND PR. Dear universe, you made your point. I'm done moping. It's annoying.
A2. AMRAP "elbows in" push ups @ 1010; rest 20 sec
13/11/10/10; I stopped as soon as I felt myself wobbling or my elbows bowing out. I feel like I could have done more but didn't want to sacrifice form.
A3. KBS tough Russian x 15; rest 2 min x 4
1.5pood/1.5 pood/2 pood/2pood. Should have done 2 pood to start. whoops.
B. RDL @ 2010; 10-15 x 3; rest 1 min
135#; 12/10/10. This one time, I totally forgot about RDLs until after the metcon. whoops. 135 was heavy for this many reps. My butt is hurt (literally. hahahahahah. ok I'm not funny)
3 sets:
10 T2B
10 ring push ups
10 no pushup burpee box jumps - 20"
10 sec HS hold against wall
rest 1 min
killed the push ups, killed the box jumps, super killed the HS hold...did not kill T2B. I need to work on my kip and stringing them together. Paul helped me work on it a little bit after. blah blah added to the list blah blah

Ate a lot today. I've hit a brick wall and am literally too lazy to type anymore. But big news. 2112 calories, 226 carbs, 137 protein. HOLY BALLS I WIN I WIN I WIN

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