Saturday, September 7, 2013

tuck furkish get ups

holy meltdown today. I don't even know what happened, but today the turkish get ups won. I was super looking forward to working out after helping out with a fireman/policeman/emt crossfit competition this morning, and it started pretty well....and then exploded.

A. PS TnG tech work - 10 min 
worked with a 65# bar for a while. really tried to sweep the bar in and stay back. Added up to 85# for a bit...then back to 65#. 10 minutes seemed to short to really get some solid tech work it...but overall I'm ok with it.
B. Rope Climb tech work - 10 min
really focused on my foot placement, and trying to almost worm my way up the rope (think Annie Thorisdotti). Using my lower body, I was able to power up the rope in about 2.5 powerful drives. Need to work on the descent actually...
C. Wtd Chin Up - build to a 1RM in max 5 attempts
15#/25#/36# (1 pood)/41#/43.5#. This is a huge PR. Pretty sure I've never EVER done more than 15#...I'm actually incredibly proud of this, however I let it get overshadowed by the ass beating I got from the turkish get ups.
D. TGU - 100 for time - 1pd 20#- alt arms/rep at bottom
27:07 I don't know what happened, or what triggered this, but I had a huge meltdown before and during this workout. I started with one pood...which was too heavy for this many reps...and then I was doing it wrong...and then people were giving me by the time Joey actually tried to help by correcting me, I just lost it. I think I was frustrated....who knows..I'm an emotional wreck sometimes. So after I cried in the bathroom...and then took a walk and cried somemore...and then stared at a 20# KB for a while...I set the clock and embarked on 100 freaking turkish get ups. 27 some off minutes later, I was done. I think I got over my anger...and go re-upset maybe three different times during this workout. It was a mindfuck. And not easy. Towards the end I fell into a groove though and knocked it out. I just get trying to picture James telling us to drop judgment...and that nobody really gives a shit what I do. It helped. Ben told me that he was proud of me later...I'm not proud of how I handled that at all. I need to work on "locking it up" and not let my emotions get the best of me. 

Food was weird today:
1: fritatta and banana
2: quest bar
3: banana and shake (post wod)
4: seafood cobb salad @ pearlz
5: almond milke and greek yogurt froyo (celebratory-go dawgs)
6: 4 meatballs and paleo muffin

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