Saturday, September 21, 2013

the past two days

The past few days have been particularly tough for me. My body feels all kinds of busted up, I am not performing to my goals and expectations, and while I am highly motivated...mentally I am struggling. It also doesn't help that I haven't been able to get a muscle up since WEDNESDAY.  I'm really beating myself up over it, which is something I need to work on. Ben shared some wise words with me, which kind of gave me the smack in the face to snap out of it that I needed:
There is NOTHING WRONG with you. You do realize that if you tell the universe that you wanted to ''toughen the fuck up'' you are going to be presented with opportunities for you to do so.
 Mmmm yeah, true that my ninja. I do need to toughen up...and this is making me. Not everything is rainbows, sunshine, and PRs...Jist like I need to work on muscle ups...I need to work on being tougher. Speaking of muscle ups..I think I'm going to give myself a week of working on the fundamentals (transitions...cable machine...pull ups...etc...) and not even try to knock one out until my arms feel a little more alive.  This morning they felt straight up bizarre. I would like to avoid injury if possible...

9/20 SHE

A. DB rear foot elevated split squat @ 30X1; 6-9/leg x 3; rest 1 min b/t legs
30#/hand x 9 each time. Harder than I thought. Goal was 1/3 body weight/hand......obviously did not happn
B. weighted chin up @ 21X0; 2-3 x 5; rest 2 min
20#x3/20#x2/20#x3/25#x2/25#x2. These felt good. I feel strong after I do weighted dips and pullups so obviously I like that...
C. front rack BB step ups @ 2111; 8-12/leg x 3; rest 1 min b/t legs
65#x8 each time. SO HARD. COMPLETELY UNDERESTIMATED. this seems to be a theme...
D. heavy 1 arm DB torso row @ 20X0; 4-6/arm x 3; rest 1 min b/t arms

a million x 5 "muscle ups" on the cable machine

9/21 WOD
SORRY OPT. When I woke up and went to the gym at 530 in the morning, OPT blog was what's a girl to do? oh yeah, jump over to outlaw for a day (and slightly modify)

1) 10 minutes Snatch technique
worked at 65#, 85#, and 95#. Didn't max, but feel like I got more comfortable in the OH squat. Worked on pulling myself under the bar
2) 10 minutes Clean & Jerk technique
only got to 115#. My forearms got crampy, tight, and much so that I couldn't really clean at all. so yeah, there's that.

5 rounds for Calories of:
1:00 ME Airdyne for Calories
1:00 Rest (active rest)
Did it. forearms felt like crap. weird.
Rest 2 minutes – then…
5 minute AMRAP of:
1 Rope Climb 15′
10 Deficit HSPU 6/4″
20 Double-Unders
At this point, my forearms were so cramped up that I couldn't even hold the rope for DU. I made it through 1 full round and couldn't do any HSPU for the rest of the time.

5 Rounds:
1 rope climb
20 double unders
I came back for box wars, and once it was over I felt like I needed to redeem I did this fun little metcon thingy. glad I did it...ended on a good note.

Foodwise, I have been sucking big time (eating AND recording on the blog). Not going to make excuses..obviously hasn't been a priority for me. This week I will do better.

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