Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 Hero WOD

I bypassed the "she" workout today (with the permission of big papa paul and coach ben!) and did CCF's 9/11 Hero WOD today. I really enjoy Hero WODs because it gives me something to think about and work for. As much as these workouts suck and are physically taxing, they make me thankful for the ability to be able to row...or box jump....or deadlift..because as much as it hurts in the moment, I'm still here able to do these things whereas other people are not so lucky.


2001m row
11 Box Jumps (36-Use 1 45 & 1 15 # Plate on 30/24)
11 Thrusters (125/85 =125 Deaths at the Pentagon)
11 Burpee to Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
11 Power Cleans (175/115 =AA Flight #175, South Tower)
11 KB Swings (2pood/1.5pood)
11 Toes 2 Bar
11 Deadlifts (170/120- 77kg/55kg = Flight 77)
11 Push Jerks (110/75 =110 Floors in Each Tower)
2001m Row 

RXed it in 35:14..Then worked on muscle ups for a little while. I'm getting closer and see/feel progress, but I'm not there yet. More transitions. More work. Muscle ups will come.

terrorists suck: the WOD aftermath

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