Friday, September 27, 2013


Woke up early to get this workout in before I went to get my arms checked out. It went pretty well; my hands didn't swell up too much but I did feel a little tight..and achy...wah. My doctor agrees that it's probably exercise induced compartment syndrome (def ODed on the muscle ups) and it should subside with 2-3 weeks of rest, and then I can slowly ramp back up and see if the sausage fingers return. Probably good that I'll have some time to work on lower body, because my squats were pretty iffy today. I had to drop weight halfway through.

EMOM x 20 min
Odd BS 3-4 reps at 85% 1 RM
Even 10 Dips (gravitron) unbroken!
3x175# 1-9 then dropped (oops) then went to 4x155# 10-20. Felt kind of unstable throughout. Really focused on ROM and getting deep
Dips felt weak. Started with 20# of assistance, went to 30# assistance towards the end to keep them unbroken
50 unbroken wallballs 8#
Last 10 were hard. Other than that felt good
Tabata Sit Ups; 10 rounds of 30 on, 15 off
had time to kill, so I threw in some abs.

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