Saturday, September 14, 2013

muscle up club

I GOT A MUSCLE UP TODAY. actually 2. Happy tears were involved immediately after (shocker) along with many sweat hugs. I've been working on getting a muscle up since December with a few breaks when I was training for competitions...and it is so amazing to see all this work that seemed futile at times pay off. I tried it a few times with a regular grip and failed...tried it with a false grip and failed....tried it with false grip again...caught myself in the dip and fell out of it...and them boom. false grip. muscle up. big smile. happy dance. oh yeah, and the water works. It was also really nice because a lot of the people who have been part of "operation muscle up" were there to cheer me on and witness the magic.

hard core cheesin'. I knew I was making this one!

As many rounds in 12 min:
3 wall walks
25 m FW - 65#/h
8 ROUNDS + 1 WALL WALK. 65# is heavy as hell. Towards the end I realized that holding it near the back end would make my wrists hurt less....lesson learned
rest walk 4 min

As many rounds in 12 min:
25 unbroken DU's
5 burpee jumping chin ups
10 ROUNDS. This one was fun. All my DU were unbroken...and I kind of like burpee chin ups. I did accidentally let go of the rope once and smacked the shit out of myself. oopsies.
rest walk 4 min

As many rounds in 12 min:
row 250 m
run 200 m
10 DB power clean and push press
3 ROUNDS + 250 ROW (30#) HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. My row was super slow today and my run was wobbly. The PC and PP weren't too bad, except when I forgot to push and just strict pressed. Overall, I feel like my motor is getting better. I never really felt "whooped" at any point in this workout. I was definitely working hard and breathing heavy, but I feel like I kept the pace pretty well.

On a more foody note, I've been really bad about listing my food. Whoops. I'll be better about it this week.

Oh hey, here's a video of some cool girl busting out a muscle up. NBD

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