Thursday, September 5, 2013

struggle city

I've felt exhausted all day. Definitely thankful that today was a rest day, because I really haven't had energy for much of anything today.

Hit 1963 calories today; 148 carbs, 134 protein...Still not where I'm supposed to be...I feel like all I've done today is eat...I'm uncomfortably full....and I still am afraid of getting fat (dumb I know, I'm irrational..)

1) Mexican Frittata + 2 paleo muffins
2) Quest Bar
3) meat balls + baby bell peppers + guac
4) apple + 2 egg whites + 2 eggs
5) sweet potato, burger patty, egg whites
6) smoothies with banana, whey, sunbutter, and almond milk

My attitude stinks. Gotta turn it around so I can wake up and do some major work at the gym tomorrow.

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